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Liat Oved Kourtz Offers Your Favourite Books on CoverMe


“Water Your Mind” – Liat Kourtz Oved (Owner of CoverMe)

CoverMe is a female-centric e-store. Liat Oved Kourtz dreams of making it a one-stop destination where women can get everything they need.

From physical grooming to intellectual health, she ensures that her customers are catered to. So, it will not come as a surprise that she even has a page dedicated to books on the website.
From spiritual growth to contemporary literature, this website encompasses it all.

Liat as a woman, understands that mere outer beauty is not enough to excel in the world. Reading and writing have become important tools for women more than anything right now.
They are finally breaking through the ages of restraints put in by a chauvinistic society and telling their truth.

The world is navigating a new landmass: the concrete, volatile rise of women, making their ineradicable mark on this world. And every woman has to be part of this revolution

Liat often says, “you are what you feed your brain.”

Therefore, CoverMe strives to provide the best content for its readers. They have such a wide range of literature that you will easily find something to suit your taste. They have categorized their books according to various genres: empowering and enrichment, prose, cooking, children, and learning & leisure books.

These empowering self-help books are carefully curated to help you with anything: happiness, growth, self-worth, motherhood, confidence, and even depression.

These uplifting books address the specific challenges we humans face. It is important to acknowledge our shortcomings and dig a little deeper to grow.

No matter what you’re going through in life: a breakup, identity crisis, career change, or just feeling overwhelmed by the pandemic, these books can act as a little pick-me-up for you.

If you’re more into plot-driven books. Then worry not Liat has got your back.

CoverMe also has a huge collection of prose books with diverse themes. Whether you’re into romantics, thrillers, literary fiction, adventure, mystery, or even comic books.

You can indulge in your guilty pleasure. Liat strives to cater to everyone’s needs through CoverMe.

But it’s not only prose and empowerment books that you will find on CoverMe they also a series of cookbooks.

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, you can locate a book that meets your skills.

They even have easy recipe cookbooks that are more suitable for students living alone and who don’t have time to create extensive meals yet want something healthy to keep up their energy.

These cookbooks are not a mere compilation of recipes. Rather they are a reinvented version. Now they serve something more: a mood, a place, a technique, a vibe, a voice.

However, it’s not your intellectual growth that Liat cares about, but your child’s too.
Hence CoverMe has an extensive collection of children’s books too, which includes coloring books, practice books, or simply storybooks too.

And for a more laid-back experience, they even have game books too.

Moreover, CoverMe has a sale going on its website right now.

They are offering as much as a 70% discount and an additional 5% discount for newcomers.
So, make the most out of this offer! Happy reading.

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