Lia Ribas: A Nutritionist’s Innovative Approach To Treating Childhood Malnourishment

Lia Ribas is a name worth knowing for those seeking treatment for childhood malnutrition. The nutritionist has made a name for herself recently for her innovative approach to treating malnourished children.

Ribas, who works in the field of functional nutrition, focuses on providing personalized and holistic nutrition plans. She is particularly passionate about helping children who are struggling with malnutrition. Her approach involves assessing a child’s needs, ranging from diet and lifestyle changes to nutritional supplementation. She creates a tailored plan that fits the child’s specific needs.

Functional nutrition specializes in working with functional foods. This type of food, in addition to exercises and routines, prevents and aids in treating diseases. It is also dedicated to prevention, early assessment, and optimal disease management. Just like you take medicine when you’re feeling sick, functional nutrition helps us stay healthy before we get sick. Eating certain kinds of foods can help prevent diseases like colds and the flu, so your body can fight them off more easily. Therefore, by working in the early stages of childhood, Lia is dedicated to promoting healthy development for the next life stages.

Ribas’ expansive expertise also extends to the area of food and beverage management projects. As Ribas puts it, “I never stopped studying and, as soon as I finished college, I started a specialization in sports, functional, and phytotherapic nutrition at Laboro College. There, I was fortunate to work with amazing and competent individuals who have helped me expand my knowledge and skills in nutrition.”

Ribas has earned praise for her ability to connect with her young patients. She uses her experience as a mother to understand the unique needs of her patients and works to make them feel comfortable throughout the process. She also involves parents and guardians in the nutrition assessment process and plan.

Ribas’ approach has over a span of years repeatedly proven to be successful. Many of her patients have dramatically improved their health and weight while others have even been able to return to a healthy, average weight that they had given up obtaining.

It is this commitment to Lia’s patients and her passion for providing quality nutrition that has made her one of the most sought-after nutritionists in the field. With her unique approach to treating childhood malnutrition, she is transforming the lives of scores of children and their parents.

This passion for leveraging health through nutrition was first sparked over ten years ago in Brazil during Ribas’ four years of nutrition and health sciences. Ribas recalls her eagerness to attend all the courses, lectures and conferences that were available to her. However, one particularly valuable course for Lia was metabolic biochemistry and clinical correlations and interpretation of biochemical tests, which she took with noted biochemist Professor Henrique Freire Soares. 

After college, Lia joined with several partners and founded the project “Healthy Calorie,” which later became the name of a successful nutrition clinic. 

In the Healthy Calorie business and in other projects, Ribas’ nutrition approach uses a variety of detox diets, ranging from juice cleanses to more comprehensive detox regimens. She also works with her clients to develop custom nutrition plans to fit their specific goals and needs and her holistic approach to health and wellness helps her clients to take control of their lives and make lasting changes.

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