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LGBTQ Token Seeks to Unify with the Power of Blockchain


LGBTQ is a governance token that seeks to help bridge the divide between people of different political affiliations. The token will be working towards bringing together a community of likeminded people to help people who are effected by economic hardship. With so much political division in this world, $LGBTQ hopes to work to help better the planet and people in it by allowing a democratic platform to connect users.

$LGBTQ will represent voting on the blockchain by distributing the power of making major platform decisions from a centralized structure to the entire community. This is because token holders are not only users, but also owners of the protocol and pursuers of the truth within the LGBTQ EcoSystem. In this sense the token’s use case will be governance over the organizations decisions and finances.

Through a robust grass-roots marketing campaign, $LGBTQ has seen like-minded individuals come together in support of future plans for the LGBTQ Ecosystem. The goal of the project is to help bridge the divide between people of different political affilitions. The future ecosystem of LGBTQ will provide a truly decentralized space for people to express and process ideas. Through marketing campaigns and future plans such as sponsorships and parternships with likeminded projects, $LGBTQ will meet the goals of truly creating a decentralized ecosystem for individuals. Within this ecosystem, the $LGBTQ token will provide individuals governance over where/how the ecosystem will grow.

Development has already begun on the governance platform that will bring democracy to the blockchain and potentially change DeFi forever. With a 1 supply token, launch has seen the token flip Bitcoin in price, what is next for $LGBTQ?

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Embrik Børresen
Company Name: LGBTQ3.0
City: Bergen
Country: Norway

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