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L&G eSports team owned by Alona Shevtsova has entered the Top-5 strongest cyber teams in Ukraine

L&G eSports team from Ukraine has ranked 117th in the HLTV CS:GO world ranking, and got into the Top-5 domestic teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. NAVI team which had been a true legend of the Ukrainian Counter-Strike world dropped out of the updated rating due to the loss of three players.

According to the founder and head of the ENTER ESPORT agency that promotes L&G, Alexander Dovzhenko, the current situation is truly sensational. As a result of the exclusion of NAVI, the status of the strongest CS:GO team in Ukraine was taken by the Monte team. At the same time, all other domestic teams were able to move higher in the ranking.

L&G eSports team owned by Alona Shevtsova has entered the Top-5 strongest cyber teams in Ukraine

“The latest update of the World Team Rating (HLTV) can be called truly historic and sensational! The main reason is the current situation with the legendary Ukrainian team, Natus Vincere. As a result of the replacement of three players, it did not get into the HLTV rating. Such a situation also affected the best CS:GO team in Ukraine. Now, this title is taken by the Monte team, which holds 11th place in the world. Guys from the L&G team have risen 4 points in the ranking and are ranked 117th in the world. Something like this has never happened before! We can’t wait to see further development of these events,” says Alexander Dovzhenko, founder and head of ENTER ESPORT agency.

After the publication of the updated HLTV rating, L&G took 5th place among the Ukrainian teams in the list. The following Ukrainian teams can be found on HLTV:

Monte – 11th place (+3)

B8 – 60th place (+3)

IKLA UA — 93rd place (-6)

Lazer Cats – 105th place (-1)

L&G – 117th place (+4)

NAVI Junior – 132 (+3)

The Witchers -177 (+4)

ClayMakers – 206 (+4)

NAVI – No rating

In other words, L&G entered the top-5 CS:GO teams in Ukraine. Alexander Dovzhenko from ENTER ESPORT is sure that guys from the L&G team are very close to entering the Top-3.

“I have to say that all Ukrainian teams have very close results in the ranking. Just one good tournament can be enough for L&G to reach the top-3 of the strongest clubs in Ukraine,” said the ENTER ESPORT founder.

At their peak performance, L&G reached 106th place in the world according to HLTV.

The L&G eSports team was founded in 2021. It was called Leogaming and was created on the initiative of the famous Alona Shevtsova from the fintech sector.

The team began to perform in top tournaments and almost immediately made its way to the Advanced division of the ESEA League Europe competitions. The team also participated and won prizes in such European tournaments as SCL League, WhiteBit Crypto Open, Phoenix League, and local competitions.

In March 2023, the Leogaming eSports team was rebranded and became L&G. At the same time, the team significantly strengthened its composition by inviting David Merl Davidyan and Vladislav Leen Stepanov. L&G also signed an agreement with their new coach, Dmitry “rjy” Chumak, who became the mentor of the team.

By using the skills of its new players, L&G made it to playoff 45 of the season of the ESEA League Advanced tournament of the European division and won three matches there. For L&G, this is the second playoff in the ESEA League Advanced. Before that, eSports players made it to the play-off stage in the 43rd season of the ESEA League Advanced tournament. At that time, the team defeated 9 opponents in the main draw.

In June, the L&G eSports team from Ukraine L&G took 106th place in the CS:GO world ranking according to the authoritative HLTV portal.

The founder of the L&G cyber team, Alona Shevtsova, said that the team is determined to reach new heights after the release of CS2.

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