LF Intelligence Hits a Home Run With NOVABOT Autonomous Lawn Mower

Mowing the lawn is considered by many to be one of the most boring of routine tasks. Noisy machines, the smell of fuel, and a nose full of dust or pollen add offense to drudgery. “Mow-bots” have been around for a couple of decades, but their capabilities frequently fall short of consumer expectations. At long last, LF Intelligence, a pioneering technology company, is elevating robotic lawn care to a whole different level.

The industry buzz is focused, justifiably, on the NOVABOT’s superb navigation system and AI capabilities. This is the same technology used in autonomous driving cars. Its HD panoramic camera, 5 TOPS computing chip, and advanced algorithms process data so quickly, NOVABOT can literally see and simultaneously react to any situation. It effortlessly avoids obstacles such as trees, lawn furniture, pools and anticipates the unexpected, like stray basketballs, pets and wild animals.

As far as we’re aware, NOVABOT is the first lawn care robot to double as a home security system. Its algorithms and visual recognition can send an alert when intruders or unknown objects enter the lawn. It will monitor the property while mowing, as well as charging. Anytime there’s suspicious activity, NOVABOT will immediately issue a notification via its smartphone app, providing 24/7 real-time intrusion detection.

NOVABOT delivers on other performance parameters, as well. Consider, for example, its 7.5 Ah high performance lithium-ion battery, powerful FOC brushless motor, off-road tires for challenging terrains, and custom adaptive cutting system. Installation is shockingly simple: download the app, plug it in, and a few clicks later, you’re done. Clean-up requires no more than a common garden hose.

LF Intelligence hits a major home run with NOVABOT. It reliably frees homeowners from the repetitive chore of mowing, trading the burden of lawn maintenance for valuable leisure time. Quiet and pollution-free operation benefits both the community and the environment. With the launch of NOVABOT, autonomous mowers have finally entered their prime.

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