Leverage Stellar Repair for MS SQL to Reduce Database Downtime

Leverage Stellar Repair for MS SQL

An event like SQL Server crash, ransomware attack, hardware failure, etc., can make a database inaccessible or corrupt. Inability to access mission-critical databases could hamper business continuity and result in a loss in productivity. Thus, it is critical to repair and restore the SQL database at the earliest to avoid increased downtime and risk of data loss. The best approach is to restore the database from the most recent backup. If there is no backup or it is corrupt or obsolete, you can repair the database by running the DBCC CHECKB command with the ‘REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS’ option. But, it may result in data loss. 

To ensure repairing and restoring a SQL database to its original form and all the data intact, consider using a SQL database recovery tool such as Stellar Repair for MS SQL software.

Why Use Stellar Repair for MS SQL?

When a SQL database turns corrupt or inaccessible due to server crash, hardware failure, software bug, etc. the database may be marked as SUSPECT or enters RECOVERY state. You cannot access the database and its data unless the database is restored to its original state. SQL DBAs perform database restore process by recovering the data from a healthy backup. 

If backup recovery fails, you need to repair the database using an appropriate repair option such as ‘REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS’. However, use the option to repair a SQL database as the last resort as it can result in data loss. But with Stellar Repair for MS SQL software, you can scan the corrupt database (.MDF and .NDF) files to restore the database and recover all its objects. 

It helps recover database Tables, Deleted Records, Views, Indexes, Keys, Stored Procedures, etc. Most importantly, the software uses a parallel processing technique to simultaneously process multiple (up to 8) tables. Also, the software provides different scan options and file saving options for faster database recovery.

The SQL database repair tool from Stellar® features a simple to use graphical user interface that repairs a corrupted database without any need for technical assistance. Once you select a corrupt MDF file to be repaired, the software scans the corrupt file and repairs it.  

software previews all the repairable tables, deleted records, synonyms, data types, and other objects

After completing the repair operation, the software previews all the repairable tables, deleted records, synonyms, data types, and other objects. This is a useful feature to ascertain what all SQL database components can be recovered and restored in the database.

database file

Further, the software provides options to save the repaired SQL database file in a New Database, Live Database, or Other Formats like CSV, HTML, or XLS.

repaired database

After selecting a file saving option, specify details to connect to your SQL Server instance and choose the location to save the repaired database. Then, the software provides different saving modes. Use the ‘Fast Saving’ option to quickly restore the corrupt database’s data. However, it saves the indexes later. Use the ‘Standard Saving’ option to repair the data and indexes together.

database saving process

Once you’ve selected an appropriate file saving mode, the software initiates the saving process.

database repair Completed

As you can see, once a table is saved, its status changes from ‘Processing’ to ‘Completed’. The status of the tables that are yet to be saved is displayed as ‘Pending’. When all the tables are processed and saved, you’ll see a message confirming the file is saved successfully.

Other Features 

  • Recovers data from a ransomware-affected database.
  • Supports SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, and earlier versions.
  • Parallel processing to process and save multiple tables simultaneously.


Leveraging Stellar Repair for MS SQL can help DBAs avoid database downtime and increase data availability in the event of a disaster. It helps repair a corrupt SQL database and restore all the data from the corrupted database in no time. You can download the demo version of the Stellar Repair for MS SQL to repair your database and preview all its repairable components before purchasing a licensed version of the software.

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