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Leo Olsen Guillot Explains Weighs in on Paid vs Organic Social Media Marketing

Leo Olsen Guillot

Leo Olsen Guillot is a social media marketing genius. His business consulting agency,, made millions by maximizing the potential of social media ads. According to Leo, “If there’s such a massive platform to promote your brand, why not make the most of that opportunity!” But many people can’t figure out whether to go for organic social media marketing or paid marketing. Leo feels that both are two sides of the same coin. You work for a common objective: to make your brand popular and increase sales volume

The benefits of paid social media ads

Leo doesn’t have a problem with any social media ads, as long as they provide your desired results. But according to his experience, organic social media marketing takes time to provide the kind of response you usually expect. You may not want to launch your company and make your first hundred sales after a couple of months. But relying on organic social media may force you to wait. That isn’t the case with paid social media.

Paid social ads are instant. Your ads may appear on your target audience’s home page frequently. You don’t need to rely on the social media website’s algorithm to make it appear like a personalized ad. Paid ads use various props, such as texts, carousels, images, and videos to keep your audience engaged. The more innovative you make the ad, the more chances you create to get a better response from your audience. 

Diversifying social media marketing

Leo Olsen never limited his marketing campaign to only one platform. Upon starting Mastermind, he never missed an opportunity to talk about his brand on various social media websites. He explained, “Suppose you direct a movie. Would you want to release it in only one theatre? No, right? Then why will you restrict your advertising campaign to only one social media platform? If you agree to use paid ads, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to make your investment worthwhile. From Facebook to LinkedIn, your ad should appear on every relevant social media platform. 

Most importantly, paid ads give your business a push that helps it reach out to its target audience quickly. Imagine waiting for months to achieve a satisfactory sales volume when you can reach the same in half the time. 

Does that mean organic social media marketing is irrelevant?

According to Leo, organic marketing is and will never be irrelevant. Paid social media gives you a kick-start to brand recognition; organic social media carries your brand forward. It’s how you utilize your money that matters the most. When you acquire a little bit of space on your audience’s wall, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it’s worth your time. From content to images or videos, make sure everything is top-notch so that your audience doesn’t feel like skipping the ad immediately. 

Once you create an impact with your paid ads, you can let organic social media take over. Paid social media ads helped Leo a lot when he started his companies. His social media consultation services include detailed discussions on why and how paid ads can make a difference to your brand.

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