Legend of Fantasy War Launches On BNB NFT, Promises Over 30,000 BUSD rewards

For those that are unaware, Legend of Fantasy War is a unique blockchain game where you can build your army and lead your team to victory. In a bid to enable gaming enthusiasts to participate in the project, the team behind Legend of Fantasy War is pleased to announce the launching of the game on BNB NFT Marketplace. The launching takes place on September 14th, 2021 at exactly 11AM UTC. 

With the launching of Legend of Fantasy War, participants will enjoy different promos, including owning the NFT LFW Eagle God grade SSR from the Mystery Box sale to claim back 10,000 BUSD reward. Other promos include owning the NFT LFW Eagle God grade SSR from the Mystery Box sale to claim back 2,500 BUSD/ NFT reward. 

What’s more? Participants will also enjoy massive rewards for holding the $LFW token and participating in the NFT marketplace. However, you need to own at least a mystery box to join this promo. The chosen mystery box contains 10,000 BUSD reward. 

LFW Token

Legend of Fantasy War has an in-game currency with the symbol “$LFW.” This is the native currency of the ecosystem that allows players to play and invest to make passive income. The token serves as the fuel to run or operate the game ecosystem. At its core, it incentivizes users in a democratic and transparent manner so that they can contribute and maintain the game platform. 

DeFi & NFT combination

Some percentage of the total revenue generated from this project will be set aside to reward token holders for their participation and loyalty. To earn LFW tokens, you can use NFT characters or NFT items to auction, trade, stake, and upgrade. 


All payments are made in $LFW. Players can use this token to purchase in-game assets to stay ahead of their enemies or competitors. The payment processes are seamless. 

About Legend of Fantasy War

Legend of Fantasy War is a 3D-based online game where you can build your army and lead your team to victory. Boost your team’s stats using the five elements synergies and outwit your enemies. The game comes in single-player, multiplayer PvP, and skirmish modes. 

Legend of Fantasy War lets players own Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The entertaining storyline lets players entertain themselves and in the process collect valuable items to trade, exchange, or auction in the Legend of Fantasy War NFT marketplace. Some portions of the tokens are reserved for user incentives. Players can earn incredible profits from the game by completing the main quests, activities, and countless side missions. The game is easy to play and comes with lots of rewards. 

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