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Legend Front: The Emerging NFT Play-to-Earn Game and DEX

Gaming and social media boomed throughout these technological breakthroughs that brought us the era of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The metaverse is the most recent technological innovation to further enhance online communication and social engagement.

Essentially, the Metaverse is a transition from text-based websites and closed ecosystems to open virtual environments with 3D components where users may connect through their avatars, which will be unique to each individual and have a digital signature. As a result, the metaverse may also be referred to as “the immersive internet,” or Web3, as it is more generally known.

This latest version of the Internet is powered by AR/VR, blockchain technology, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Gaming used to widespread adoption of personal computers, now it’s a metaverse turn.

Legend Front is a gamified metaverse that combines the concept of play-to-earn with cryptocurrencies and NFTs to offer non-crypto users a gateway to the metaverse and crypto economy.

What is Legend Front?

Legend Front is a blockchain-based GameFi project based on the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model that incorporates NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Legend Front is not simply a GameFi project, but also a decentralized value exchange platform and a DAO to enable players (users) to participate equally in the growth of the project and advocate for freedom, communication, and creativity.

As a fully decentralized project, Legend Front adapts to decentralized governance enabled by blockchain technology, gives back the control of data to people, and credits user-created value to their unique holdings. This way, the Legend Front project strengthens democracy’s three pillars: honesty, integrity, and openness.

Legend Front combines the expertise of several successful projects with pioneering Web3 ideas like DAO and DeFi to provide investment opportunities to the vast majority of the world’s population that has not yet embraced the metaverse and crypto economy.

The project includes 8 distinct NFTs character classes, such as humans, machines, angels, demons, beasts, zombies, and so on, as well as hidden mysterious characters. You may receive these racial characters from the game’s mystery box or exchange them with other players on the market. The probability of receiving a character of each type differs. According to the rarity of the character NFTs, the blockchain game will distribute varying shares of pledge revenue and other benefits to players. This income will comprise crypto assets.

Legend Front, which combines the design principles of DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi, enables users to exchange their crypto assets equitably and reliably. Simultaneously, to enhance the user experience, Legend Front will open NFT content such as unique avatars, customized skins, and diverse props, enabling users to share encrypted assets or exchange different NFTs to complete collections.

Legend Front’s Tokenomics

The Legend Front GameFi project has dual tokenomics, one is $LGT as the governance token, and another is $LEFT as the in-game currency that can be earned by playing the play-to-earn game and earning financial rewards for completing tasks or progressing through the game.


$LGT Token:

LGT is Legend Front’s governance token, representing each participant’s involvement and governance rights in the project. It may be used by project participants in any Legend Vote on Front development proposal to assist projects in making development choices that are most suited to democratic demands.

LGT is also an absolute credential for project participants to reap the benefits of project development. Users must have a specific amount of LGT to participate in the project’s financial advantages and rewards.


$LEFT Token:

The Legend Front project encourages users who are unfamiliar with the crypto economy to complete the NFT game to earn crypto assets (LEFT) and gradually embrace the Metaverse. Users will experience the value of the crypto economy for the first time, and the procedure will be simple and enjoyable. During the game, users will receive and trade crypto assets. In addition to contributing to the game’s ecosystem, the project will also award equivalent crypto assets.

The LEFT token is the only official Metaverse and Game token in the Legend Front ecosystem. In the Metaverse, players may acquire and destroy LEFT through land auctions, shop leases, and the purchase of commodities.

There are 21 million LEFT tokens in total, with 9 million coming through NFT mining, 11 million from the metaverse, and no pre-mining or pre-sale. Additionally, 1 million contracts are locked into the LP fund pool. Early on, there is hardly any circulation at all.

There is a 5% tax cost for purchasing LEFT, and this portion of LEFT is destroyed for deflationary reasons.

Legend Front NFTs:

Legend Front offers various NFTs, which are not restricted to avatars or hero characters but can include character outfits or props, as well as user-created unique objects.

The first NFT from Legend Front is a hero character with a total of 30,000 supplies, which can only be obtained by purchasing a mystery box on the official website. Each Mystery Box is sold for 10,000 LGT. Heroes are available as playable characters which are modeled in 3D, and each hero NFT is very personalized and unique. Heroes are separated into eight races, eight professions, and eight rarities. According to varying rarity, the number of NFT hero characters for each race varies.

The Mystery Box allows you to create higher-level heroes by opening numerous similar hero cards. In-game, synthesis may increase the hero’s fighting effectiveness, but it also activates the hero’s destruction process. Synthesis and improvement need more hero NFT, LGT, LEFT, and other ingredients. The hero NFT utilized as a material will be permanently destroyed after synthesis and upgrading.

The Takeaway – Legend Front IDO

The Legend Front project held an IDO event to welcome heroes who really desire to embrace the new realm of the metaverse together and who are constantly linked to share development profits.

IDO Details are as follows:

  1. Activity time: 15 days
  2. Price: 0.01USDT/LGT, distributed according to the ratio of 100U/10000 LGTs.
  3. Fundraising target

The fundraising standard of LGT is 100U SDT /address, and it is set with a soft and hard cap.

  1. Soft cap target: 3 million USD
  2. Hard cap target: 10 million USDT

Before the completion of the IDO, the community members who directly encourage 10 people to finish the IDO will get a superhero card and an extra 100 USDT subscription limit that may be subscribed to right away (repeated rewards when conditions are met).

Here is your chance to be part of the metaverse economy and earn a starting 100 USDT price while you start. Come be part of the metaverse with Legend Front.

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