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ATS is a competent legal translation company in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Cairo, and Giza, Egypt, as well as Middle East legal translation specialists. This is not surprising, given that the company began as a translation agency specializing in court papers. In Dubai, we offer lawful professional translations in over 120 languages worldwide. Our firm provides high-quality legal translation dubai that adhere to the highest international requirements.

legal translation services

We have a large team of in-house legal translators and numerous connections to external funding for all languages we work with. We carefully select our translators, who have detailed knowledge of a broad range of legal documents. Contract terms, negotiations, regulatory requirements, adjudication documents, court papers, and such are examples.

Moreover, a specialist project leader would be solely responsible for your venture and will gather and allocate the necessary resources to you in a timely way. This guarantees that your project will be completed within a specific time frame.

Arabic Legal Translations

We offer formal Arabic Legal Translation Dubai legal translations for a broad range of papers and languages, such as those from European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries, whether you require the documents translated from or into Arabic. We have the expertise to work on any legal document you require.

Can I translate a legal document?

If you require legal documents translated, the best choice is to work with a translation firm that specializes in legal document translation. Work with experienced translators who ensure a cost-effective and timely procedure without sacrificing quality.

Why is legal translation necessary?

The Value of Legal Translation

If the translation needs to be more precise, it may have legal ramifications. A poorly translated document may have a direct effect on people’s rights. Law firms must ensure that the outcome is exact and faithful to the original.

What is required for legal document translation?

Prerequisites for a Legal Translator

Employ a legal expert fluent in both the original language of your legal document and the language into which it will be translated.

What is the title of a legal translator?

All through depositions, court, over the phone, video conferences, and interviews, a lawful interpreter translates words spoken by English-speaking legal experts into some other language.

How do I formally translate a document?

Any expert translator can deliver a certified translation. The translator must sign a form certifying that the translation is an exact copy of the original document. A notary public must witness the certification program for a notarized translation.

What is the role of a legal translator?

A lawful translator assists in the courthouse or other legal contexts by translating papers from one language to another. They must be fluent in at least two languages and understand how court systems operate in the countries where all those languages are spoken.

What is the distinction between legal and judicial translation?

Legal translation is tightly linked to the legal profession. So it discusses the law as a science or topic. In the meantime, judicial translation concentrates on the text folks use for administering. As a result, it will contain some primary sources intended for specific real-world actions.

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