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Leftovers Customs Clearance Steps

Leftovers is a free horror game developed by SCREAM JAM. It tells the story of a shy little boy who, at the request of his mother, sends overcooked meals to his neighbors. Neighbors who feel uncomfortable, some neighbors will cause harm to you. You have to ensure your own safety after delivering all the lunch boxes. The following editor brings the leftovers customs clearance steps help you complete the goal of delivering meals faster. , for more articles about Leftovers game, please visit .


First, the leftovers game clearance process


  1. Because your home is on the 8th floor, you first start delivering meals from the next room. After knocking on the door, a kind old grandma will appear and talk to her. She will ask if you are a good child? You can nod or shake your head according to your own thoughts, triggering different plots.


  1. Go down to the 8th floor, a woman with glasses lives here. She asks if you want to pay for the meal. If you nod, the woman will take the meal and throw a cockroach at you.


  1. Then in another room on the 8th floor, there is a fat otaku with glasses. He was not interested in rice at first, but after smelling the smell of the lunch box, he would ask if you are the son of the beautiful girl on the 9th floor. Here you can answer yes.


  1. I came to the 7th floor to deliver the meal. There was no answer in the room on the left. I could hear the sound of water inside. It should be the neighbor who was taking a shower, so I planned to come back later.


The room opposite the 5th and 7th floor lives an uncle with a fierce face. He will open the door a crack and ask you to put the lunch box at the door, then turn around and walk away. When you put the lunch box, you find that his door is not closed tightly. Well, don’t take a peek out of curiosity, you should walk away immediately.


There is only one room on the 6th and 6th floors. After knocking on the door, there is a somewhat spooky eldest sister. When you explain your intention, she will intimately ask you if you are tired going upstairs and if you want to go to her house for a rest, you’d better Don’t promise.


  1. Come to the 5th floor and continue to deliver meals. There is no one in one room, and the other room is a female classmate who often bullies you, so you don’t want to deliver it to her first, so continue down.


  1. Go down to the 4th floor. There is no one in the room on the left. The door of the room on the right is open. You can only hear strange moans in the room. At this time, you have to put down the food and run away, don’t let yourself be frightened.


  1. The two rooms on the third floor are unoccupied. The little brother on the second floor looks normal. When you express your intention, he is very happy and said that if there is no food at home, he will eat his own dog. Before leaving, he would also say that a schoolgirl was stealing his dog food.


  1. In the opposite room is an old man with a bandage all over his body. He is still carrying a knife. The old man is not interested in the lunch box. If he wants to talk to you, he will ask you 4 questions. You can nod for the first 3 questions. , the last question you have to shake your head.


  1. Finally, I came to the first floor and knocked on the door of the only resident. The one who opened the door was a new sister who moved in. She was very happy that you brought food to welcome her, but when the door was closed, she found that there was an eyeball in the food.


  1. There are still two lunch boxes. The boy had to knock on the door of the female classmate who bullied him. She happily accepted the meal you brought over, and angrily said that the dog food for the little brother downstairs was all hers. Steal, she wants to starve the dog.


  1. Finally, I went back to the room on the 7th floor with the sound of water. The door was open, and there was a very sexy beauty standing there. After handing her the meal, she was very happy and immediately called her mother.


Second, the leftovers game ending


After giving the last box of lunch to the sexy beauty, she communicated with her mother on the phone. She seemed to be familiar with her parents. From the chat, she could tell that this woman was her father’s cheating object, and her mother also told her that the material in the meal was Dad, this woman will make you stand up obediently, you should run away quickly, this is the woman who will chase you like crazy with a knife, you have to run to your home, don’t be caught by her.

When you get home, your mother will block the gate and praise you as her pride and let you go to sleep in the room. She still has some “leftovers” to deal with. This is the whole process of the leftovers game.

The above has shared the complete game process of leftovers with you. Visit to search for leftovers games and start playing immediately. They will continue to update more adventure-themed HTML5 games for you, so come and visit!





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