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LedgerMail, a Flagship product of LedgerFi ecosystem, and FileCoin Collaborate to Offer Enhanced User Experience

LedgerMail, the leader in private and secure email systems on XDC Blockchain Network, and FileCoin, the leader in storage services, have announced a collaboration that will offer both LedgerMail and FileCoin customers an enhanced user experience in the form of a customized FileCoin username module, customized UI for users signing, and option for switching between FileCoin and LedgerMail themes. 

The partnership will allow users to create non-custodial wallets for FileCoin-specific usernames with customized human-readable wallet IDs like (johndoe@fil) on LedgerMail. This collaboration will also enable wallet-to-wallet transactions for sharing emails, files, and attachments and a login module for FileCoin-specific usernames. Users can now exchange digital assets between FileCoin usernames and other users of LedgerMail. 

LedgerFi CEO, Vinay Krishna, said “We are thrilled to team up with FileCoin to offer our customers an enhanced user experience. We believe this partnership will help take our product to the next level and help us better serve our customers.” 

LedgerMail and FileCoin are confident that this collaboration will bring a unique and enhanced user experience to the LedgerMail platform and help them better serve their customers.

About LedgerMail:

LedgerMail is one of the flagship products of the LedgerFi Ecosystem. LedgerMail is rendering traditional communication through obsolete & cumbersome platforms while providing the highest level of security, encryption, privacy, decentralization, and protection from cyber-attacks. LedgerMail is the world’s first Decentralized Email Service which inherits the capabilities of Blockchain Technology to spearhead Web 3.0 communication protocols.

About FileCoin:

Filecoin is an open-source, public cryptocurrency and digital payment system intended to be a blockchain-based cooperative digital storage and data retrieval method. It is made by Protocol Labs and shares some ideas from InterPlanetary File System allowing users to rent unused hard drive space.

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