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Leather Bomber Jackets Vs Men’s Biker Jackets

Leather jackets have dominated the leather industry. The most appealing aspect is the natural tendencies of leather. The way it induces quality and shine to its surface grabs special attention. The exciting properties of leather led to the introduction of its various types based on designs. Today, leather bomber jackets and mens biker jackets are in high competition. Both look ideal when we individually observe each of them. However, when it comes to comparison, things go hard. That’s due to the extraordinary performance of both styles.

Are you excited to explore the differences? And definitely, it’d also be fun to see which one wins this battle.

So, let’s get started.

Before we delve deeper into the differences, let’s quickly see the introduction to both types of jackets.

Leather Bomber Jacket

A leather bomber jacket is a short outerwear jacket type that has front pockets, a tight waistband, and a plain/rounded collar. The name of these jackets comes from the realistic elements. During World War I and World War II, military pilots wore them. Basically, they were created by the US Army Clothing brand to offer warmth to the pilots in the uninsulated, open-air cockpits of the early fighter planes.

Men’s Biker Jacket

A biker jacket is mainly associated with motorcycle riders. It has a cropped length, a snug fit, and different types of design elements, such as snap buttons, a wide lapel collar, and asymmetrical zippers. The most amazing thing about biker jackets is that their style truly aligns with the inner desires of riders. For example, the tagline “Live Free, Ride Free” activates the inner spirit of riders to live their life according to their own style.

Exploring the Difference Between a Leather Bomber Jacket and a Men’s Biker Jacket

  • Adjustability

Bomber jackets are oversized, while biker jackets are fitted. So, you can add multiple layers of clothes under bomber jackets, but biker jackets need some attention. You must look for a design that fits your body in the most ideal way. You must have accurate measurements of your body. Brands offer a list of standard sizes to choose from. Wait! We’re not robots with specific dimensions.

What if you feel any of the available designs don’t go well with your body? Should you look for another jacket? Not at all! Instead, go for a customization option. Don’t worry about any extra charges. Some brands offer a free customization option. Leatheriza Affinity is one of them! You just need to send your measurements, and the jacket with ideal dimensions will be at your door. How awesome it is!

  • Design

The main difference between the designs of both jackets is based on collars. A biker jacket has a stand-up collar design, while a bomber jacket has a full collar neck (you can fold it as per your need).

Another difference is the closure. Biker jackets feature a side zipper, while a bomber jacket offers a center zip or button-up closure. However, you’ll find a tight fit at the waist of both jacket styles. It allows full-body movement to make you feel comfortable.

  • Protection

Both types of leather jackets offer a different level of protection. Definitely, both of them save you from cold winds, as insulation is the main feature of leather jackets. But when it comes to a higher level of protection, biker jackets win the battle. They offer protection from injuries in case of accidents. Moreover, they save you from dehydration by shielding your skin from wind in hot weather. The way it offers protection from unpleasant elements also reduces the risk of skin cancer.

It’s just my personal perception. You may find bomber jackets more helpful for your protection. And definitely, they have a great background (their role in World War I and World War II).

  • Flexibility

Bomber jackets are suitable for winter due to their insulation system. These jackets are helpful for extreme weather conditions. So, they’re mostly used by climbers, mountaineers, and buyers living in high-altitude areas. However, biker jackets offer their services throughout the whole year.

Don’t think you can simply wear any biker jacket in hot weather. There are some conditions to apply. For example, check out the layers of the jacket. If the insulation level is high, it might not be a good fit.

You can increase the flexibility of both jackets. The pairing of your jacket will depend on the event for which you wear it. For example, if it’s a formal setting, you should wear it with black chinos, a white button-down shirt, and a nice necktie.

So, there you’ve it. We’ve made the main differences between both leather jackets. Still, there’s a curiosity. Who wins the battle? Honestly, it depends upon the personal requirements of the buyer. The jacket that aligns more with your requirements will be a winner, according to you.


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