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Learning From the Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Introducing Dr. Joseph Yi

Most people don’t even manage to start a single business during their lives, but some are prolific entrepreneurs. What sets them apart from others? Where do they get their inspiration? Entrepreneurs are particular types of individuals who spend much time thinking about how things can improve.The US Census Bureau notes that there has been a steady rise in new business applications over the last decade. Despite this, not all new businesses succeed. Entrepreneurs are those who know how to find that elusive growth potential within an idea and turn it into reality. Here, we look at how some entrepreneurs think.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Dr. Joseph Yi is a noteworthy entrepreneur and founder of two rapidly growing enterprises. His first foray into business came in the form of Modern Behavioral. At this outpatient facility, Dr. Yi uses his own unique brand of holistic medicine to ensure that people who get off of drugs stay off of them. His second significant push into business is forming a mental health supplement known as Beyond Recovery, which leverages what he learned from gathering nutritional data from his clients.

Dr. Yi isn’t a typical doctor because of how he views these situations. Instead of seeing addiction as a series of symptoms for a physician to deal with, he explores where the addiction stems from. His in-depth communication with clients and high success rating show that thinking outside the box can lead to notable results, even in a field dominated by logical rigor.

The Key Tenet of Effectual Reasoning

Peter Baskerville, the founder of over thirty retail and hospitality businesses, sees entrepreneurial thinking as different because of how it leads people to contemplate ideas. One of the best examples of entrepreneurial thinking, according to Mr. Baskerville, comes from Alan Curtis Kay, a computer scientist.TED mentions him, stating that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Dr. Yi demonstrated this effectual reasoning when he created Modern Behavioral. A holistic approach to wellness in order for patients to become their own best healer was the goal. Dr. Yi simply used what already existed and created a system that was effective in solving his patients’ problems. Entrepreneurs like Dr. Yi are a rare breed, but they are important to the growth and development of their professions.

Finding Common Ground

Dr. Yi’s focus is on holistic care, but such care doesn’t work unless the patient is open and honest about their lives and challenges. Most importantly, the patients must be willing to move towards their discomfort zone. After all, everything we want is found on the other side of fear and a successful recovery is no different. While Dr. Yi excelled at academics, he also had his time experiencing substance use, dependency and self detox, which gave him deep insight into how these patients think. He uses those experiences to help him interact with his clients on a more personal level, and they have proven effective in getting them the results they so desperately seek.

Where Does This Leave You?

Budding entrepreneurs can learn a lot from those who came before them.Forbes notes that the number of people who qualify as millionaires have boomed in the last decade. Understanding how entrepreneurs think won’t make you into one overnight, but it will give you some insight into the thought process required to become a successful one. Once you understand how a person thinks, then you understand who they are. By changing our thoughts, we can change our lives.


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