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Learn WoW WOTLK Classic Pre-Patch – 6 Things

WoW WOTLK Classic

Every time Blizzard Entertainment is about to release a new expansion of World of Warcraft Classic, there’s a lot of hype around it. What grabbed players’ attention more than the actual launch was about the pre-patch activities. The current smash hit Wrath of the Lich King will once again detonate the enthusiasm of World of Warcraft fans. And this time Blizzard’s operation has made the player’s experience more profound, which is really worthy of praise.

The release of the official announcement and the schedule for WOTLK Classic for the next few weeks have been set. Countless ardent fans are scrambling to get WOTLK Gold, gear, and guilds ready for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Classic. In addition to these must-haves, one should also understand what exactly happens in Pre-Patch.

New Profession – Inscription

In Wrath of the Lich King Classic, the developers not only added new servers, but also offered a new Profession called Inscription. It made Enchants more portable, and at that time, Darkmoon Cards were not as powerful as they used to be in this comparison. This change is due to the fact that Inciptionists will have the ability to craft them into bound items on equipment.

It will also allow Herbalists to dominate the Auction House and get rich again. Because Herbs played a pivotal role in the development of Inscription. This is a crafting profession rather than a gathering profession as we know it, ink is made from herbs, and paper and other basic materials can be bought from vendors. Alchemists need herbs, and those in occupations like Tailoring or Enchanting that don’t require gathering peers can use their second Herbalism slot and stay ahead of the curve.

Death Knights Can Be Created Now

When Wrath of the Lich King was released in 2008, players couldn’t roll the new class. But in this new World of Warcraft Classic expansion, we don’t have to wait until Wrath of the Lich King Classic releases to create Death Knights, we can do it now. This move allows players to enjoy Northrend’s new content in advance and adapt to the various challenges in the game in advance.

But players don’t need to put too much effort into playing Death Knights, because the character’s storyline has nothing to do with the lore, so we don’t have to play again.

Fresh Start Realms

It’s still hard for us to see some old servers being removed at the moment, and developers can only do so temporarily. Part of the reason is that they want to make room for other, more active servers. Fresh Start Realms is a WoW Classic-only concept, an idea for those who want a more authentic experience.

Unlike other servers, Fresh Start Realms won’t allow certain perks, such as role transfers or level-ups, at least not for the first few months they’re active. Players must have at least one level 55 “Cartoon” on the same server to roll the advanced Death Knights. To be honest the rules are pretty strict and I guess it’s going to be interesting how players react when they see this feature.

Joyous Journeys

Pre-patch events are suitable for players of different tastes. Players who want to experience WOTLK Classic’s new characters while staying on their own servers should learn more about Joyous Journeys, which is an experience buff. It has been active in every Classic: WoW realm since June 21.

Experience enhancement is convenient, but not mandatory, and people who want a more authentic experience don’t have to use it. This option can be used to talk to any innkeeper and turn it off or back on so everyone can customize their grind.

Zombie Plague

It’s really interesting to talk about the history of Zombie Plague, which is tied to 2005’s Corrupted Blood Incident. The difference between the two is that Zombie Plague was made intentionally by the developers, whereas Corrupted Blood Incident was a bug that players accidentally exploited. Pets infected with the Hakkar Plague brought the deadly bacteria back to Azeroth during raids and spread throughout the population.

It was Corrupted Blood Incident that led to the forced end of Warcraft III, which really impressed fans at the time. And the Zombie Plague incident is a continuation of the same story. When Scourge once again wage war on Azeroth, this time Horde and Alliance will join forces to chase the Lich King all the way back to Northrend.

Scourge Invasion

Blizzard decided that Zombie Plague alone wasn’t enough to make the playing field more exciting for players, so the Floating Fortresses returned with their Vicious Crystals. Players must team up to defeat them in order to progress to the next place and collect WOTLK Classic Gold or other rare items. However, depending on what kind of server it is, these can turn into intense PvP events or some fun cross-faction RPG.

This happens when the Horde and Alliance have to cooperate, all part of the Scourge Invasion event. Players, too, need to be aware that it’s worth taking on Necropolis and earning rewards, including a variety of powerful gear and other decent trinkets, as another way to prepare your character for the journey to Northrend.

Everything in Pre-Patch is in preparation for the final arrival of Wrath of the Lich King. If players want to achieve their best results in this fresh and familiar game, they can experience these events in advance to deepen their familiarity with Wrath of the Lich King classic. Alternatively, they can also buy WOTLK Classic Gold with safe payments (Paypal, Credits Card and Pay locally), fast delivery (about 5 mins) and sufficient stock (any US/EU servers) from the most famous World of Warcraft Classic gold supplier

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