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Learn Things You Didn’t Know About Yourself With This Personality Tests By Placetochat

If you want to improve your life, the first step would be to learn about yourself. Doing this will help you understand your own goals, desires, belief system, and ambitions. You will also know what habits you have, including the weak ones that you may need to develop.

Knowing yourself is also important because, in real life or communication through an online platform like Placetochat, you can be able to understand your feelings and how to control them during conversations with others.

As you can see already, knowing yourself is important in so many ways. But it is the methods of learning about yourself that you should be focusing on. Some people find it hard to learn about themselves. That is why we have made this article to help you learn things you didn’t know about yourself using the personality test we are about to share with you.

Here are 8 ways you can learn more about your personality:

1.Learn to take risks

Taking risks is one way you can go about learning about yourself. There may be some repercussions to taking risks, but that is just the case with most self learning methods. More often, self growth is associated with taking risks, if you can handle risks and go down different paths.

Risk taking is good because, compared to other methods, it involves you taking direct actions. By this, we don’t mean that risk taking is the best method of them all, but it can take you through massive progress, which will make you feel better.

While taking risks, things may not go to plan, your growth may not be as much as you expected; but still, taking risks is still worth it in most cases.

2.Know your VITALS

Before you wonder what that even means, let us explain.

VITALS is a word that forms 6 building blocks about us. Knowing each block, what it means and understanding which ones you have in your life can help you better learn about yourself. You can learn more about Vitals here, but for now we will just take you through the overview.

  • V- Values 

These refer to your desires, which finally create your motivators and goals.

  • I- Interests

Interests form your passion or things that you are more drawn to, or the things that can keep you entertained.

  • T- Temperament

Things within you can make you extroverted or introverted, make you plan or avoid doing things.

  • A- Around-the-Clock Activities

How you do things, whether you like waking up or going to bed, is affected by this block.

 .L- Life Mission or essential goals 

Knowing your goals and purpose are the most meaningful things in your life that need to be considered.

.S- Strengths

These refer to your abilities, skills, and talents. It can also apply to your characteristics.

Understanding the above Vitals can help shape the person that you are and where you want to be in the future.

3.Use a Journal to learn about yourself

A journal can help you understand yourself since it opens up the gates of your thoughts and influences how you think. When you write about yourself or show appreciation, it can help you solve problems in different ways. Keeping a journal can help you keep up with difficult times and remind you of good things.

You can see your journal as some kind of time machine that will help you look back and see just how much your life has changed. It may be difficult to tell just how much you change on a daily basis, but keeping a journal can help you out.

Every day we go through experiences or problems that, in the end, help us grow and change without even knowing it. We can tie our experiences and changes to our VITALS in various ways too. 

4.Ask deep and meaningful questions that will help you learn about yourself

If you want to learn about yourself better, you may want to ask yourself and answer some questions about yourself. This way, you will stop overthinking a lot and instead get back to reality and even learn to organize your life better. 

There are several articles where you can ask different kinds of questions, including this one, which you will see if you click here. You will realize that the questions cover a wide range of things.

5.Perform Self-Experiment

This is quite different from taking risks, but it’s something worth standing by. Self experimentation happens when you try out various things to find out what you may like. This can help re-shape your life in different ways. It is important to try out different things to see if they work for you instead of jumping to conclusions. You can set new goals, try a new project, etc.

Self-experiment is good because not many people know what they are doing in their lives. But when they self-experiment, it will help them know themselves and their actions better.

6.Try to eliminate expectations

While it is difficult to clear all our expectations, being more aware of them and learning to cope with them can be beneficial. This does not mean that you should have no expectations. You need to have an open mind, especially when making bigger decisions in your life.

When you clear out your expectations, you will have the opportunity to add authenticity to your life. Keeping your expectations grounded can help you achieve them more easily. For instance, if you want to start a business, you can set your expectations low and only do a few projects you can fulfill, rather than setting higher targets that you may not be able to achieve.

7.Try to focus on yourself

Focusing on yourself involves thinking about the most concerning areas of your life. Other than letting go of how you feel, it is important to focus on them so you can learn better about yourself.

Understanding things that concern you the most will help you set priorities and achievable goals. Setting new goals can pave the way for a new journey, experiences and passions. As you do this, you will be able to learn more about yourself.

8.Communicate with others

Some people have problems with low self-esteem and others just don’t know how to behave around other people. When you find time to meet new people and talk to them, you may discover new things about yourself. For example, if you are shy, you will realize it immediately and even be able to tell what causes it. It may be a particular question that people ask you or how they look at you. 

If you are feeling a lack of communication and would like to meet new people to talk to, sign up to Placetochat and start communicating with people from different cultures. This can also help you learn something about yourself daily!

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