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You must have heard about a term i.e. Apple Ecosystem. This is quite an important term in many ways. This work simply means the use of multiple apple devices. And the way those devices have been made is very convenient for simultaneous use of those devices to support the needs of the user. And Apple is able to deliver this ultimate service by enhancing connectivity between different devices. Whenever people are using devices like MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch, etc. these devices are connected with one another in the majority of cases. Such an arrangement works the best when it comes to supporting the needs of users but it doesn’t mean you won’t need to disconnect iPhone from your Mac at any point in time. There might occur some situations when you will find the need to disconnect your iPhone or any other Apple device from another. This article is going to list several ways of doing it.

Remove your iPhone from the Finder on your Mac easily

If you want to get rid of iPhone from the Finder on your Mac while both devices are connected through a USB cable, simply detach the USB cable from the Mac. The icon of your iPhone from MacBook’s finder will fade immediately. In case, you find the symbol of your iPhone even after removing the USB cable, there is something else you should consider doing. Your iPhone is unable to be disconnected from the MacBook in this case because you might have enabled your MacBook to detect your iPhone through Wi-Fi signals. Here are the steps to disconnect the iPhone from Mac in this case:

  • Scroll on the Finder sidebar of the Mac and then click on iPhone.
  • Now you have to select the Options in order to find an entry named Show this iPhone when on Wi-Fi.
  • Now you have to uncheck the box of this option and you will find that the iPhone has been successfully disconnected from the Mac.

Ways to disconnect your iPhone from Mac in case these are paired through Bluetooth

There are chances that Bluetooth is the connection medium between your iPhone and Mac. If it is the case with your iPhone, you will need a different approach for disconnecting your iPhone from the Mac. Let us take a look at the steps to do it.

  • Open the Control Center in your Mac and click on Bluetooth Control.
  • Once you have expanded the Bluetooth Control, you will see your iPhone there. This means your iPhone is paired with the Mac through Bluetooth. You will be able to disconnect your iPhone from Mac very easily here by clicking on the symbol of your iPhone.

There is a nice and effective way to permanently disconnect your iPhone if it is connected through Bluetooth. Follow these simple instructions if you want to do that.

  • Launch the Apple Menu on your Mac.
  • After you are into the Apple Menu, click on the option named System Preferences and then you have to select Bluetooth.
  • You will see your phone in this window. There is an X-shaped icon next to the icon of your iPhone. Click on this icon and then select the option Remove.

On the other hand, you can do it using your iPhone as well. Go to the iPhone Settings and then tap on Bluetooth. You will see an entry having the name Mac on this page. There is an icon called the info icon right next to the option Mac. Click on this info icon and then you have to select Forget This Device.

Stop iCloud syncing between different apple devices

When your Apple devices are synced with iCloud they all share certain features like contacts, events, photos, etc. You can end this synchronization by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Apple menu on your Mac and then click on System Preferences.
  • Click on Apple ID and then you will see a list of services that are synchronized in multiple devices.
  • You can uncheck the boxes present before those services that you don’t like to be synchronized between multiple devices.

Final words

We hope this article helped you know about several ways to disconnect iPhone from Mac or other devices of your Apple ecosystem. Don’t forget to follow us for more articles like this.

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