Learn soft skills for free through Free Udemy Courses

Online learning has become common all over the world since past few years. It has become common to learn different soft skills like writing, typing, designing, and others using a computer through an online resource.

One of the most famous platforms in this regard is Udemy which has gained an audience from all over the world. Millions of students choose this platform for learning new skills or sharpen their current skills. But a major problem for many students is the paid subscription for every course they have to enroll in.

Yes, Udemy offers paid courses and asks for a subscription fee for enrollment. This is where many students find it hard to learn courses from this platform. If you are also wondering about the solution to this problem, you should read this blog about free Udemy courses.

In this blog, we will show what free courses are these and how you can learn from them. Let’s get started and have a look at the following sections.

What are free Udemy courses?

As mentioned, Udemy is a paid platform that asks for a specific fee for every course. Some third-party platforms allow their users to come and get those paid courses for free. Those courses are called free Udemy courses as students are getting access to them for free.

Yes, no one has to pay a single cent for accessing those courses. You only have to browse such platforms, understand their interfaces, and get access to the required courses. The best thing about such a platform is that you will have not only to get access to Udemy courses but also to other platform courses too.

What can you learn from such courses?

From such platforms, you can learn almost every soft skill that you can utilize to earn money from the internet. For example, you can learn how to write a specific blog post or a newsletter. Similarly, you can learn how to be a proficient accountant and help businesses in their financial management.

Some of the best skills that you can learn from such free tutorials are given below:

  • Content Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Graphic Designing
  • Programming
  • Software Development

These are some of the most common and famous skills you can learn from free Udemy courses. But you can also explore the list to find your concerned course if you don’t want to adopt any of the above skills.

How can you learn from such Udemy courses?

Now, you might be looking for the way through which you can get access to such courses. As mentioned earlier, these courses are offered by third-party websites and are available for free access. So, you should have to be careful while choosing a website because picking a harmful website can be dangerous for your browsing.

Abide by this, you can download the courses on your device to watch them and learn whenever you want. Yes, you will be free to watch them anytime from anywhere without restrictions of being available at a specific time.

If you don’t know how you can download free Udemy courses, you should read the following sections. It is because we are going to share two major methods that are used widely for this purpose. Let’s have a look at the methods so you can choose the right one to get the task done.

G-drive download

The most common method for downloading free courses from the internet is through Google Drive. Mostly, websites as well as users like this method because it is secure for both ends. When you are downloading a course through this method, you will find it suitable to avoid issues like malware detection.

In this method, the course will be shared with you in your Google account from where you can access it. You have to download the course manually from your G-drive to make it accessible for offline access. No doubt, it will take time to do so but you will find it more suitable.

The reason is you will be able to check whether the file is safe for your device or not. Whenever you will download a course using this method, G-drive will run a scan automatically. It will indicate and restrict the download if it has found anything suspicious.

Direct download

Another method to get free courses is through direct download. With this method, you can easily download a course on your device with a single click. Yes, you won’t be asked to share any information with the platform or allow access to G-drive for downloading.

You only have to choose your required course and click on the Download button to start the process. By doing so, you can get the course on your device for offline access. But the main problem is you have to run a virus detection check using a separate tool after downloading to mark the content safe.

Final Words

With the above discussion, you must have got an idea about free Udemy courses and their downloading methods. We have discussed both methods that are commonly used on the internet. It will be pretty simple to download a course from these websites and learn any skill you are looking for free.


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