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Learn Research Paper Writing In A Few Steps

When talking about research paper writing only a few specific things come into mind, that is to work with bundles of articles and books and sort of doing a ‘hunt’ to gather the treasures that have been written into them. It is thought to be about making use of the sources of information including articles, literature, etc. but it is more than just that.

Yes, it is absolutely true that it mostly contains the sources and the significance that lies in how and what information has been gathered but it also has the argument made by the writer and the perspective from which it has been made, otherwise the research would have no meaning. Every writer research in their own way and on the specific genre related to the work. Some will take the help of case studies to support their case, some gather data based on scientific principles, or societal principles.

Some gather the historicity to a specific theme and connect it to the contemporary world, hence there are numerous ways to carry out research while your way of doing it could be a unique one as well. 

What actually is a research paper?

A research paper can also be seen as an expanded essay that consists of the evaluation, interpretation, or argument of the person writing it. However, a key difference between an essay writing a research paper writing is that an essay can be based on what you personally know and how you think about a subject, while in research paper writing you formulate or build on the things you know about a subject matter and make the attempt of finding if an expert thinks the same or not.

A research paper is inclusive to survey the knowledge field for the purpose of gathering the best possible information on that knowledge field.

The process of conducting research for writing a research paper involves the following steps; 

Step 1: Find the title of your paper, this is where the main crux of the argument gets involves. The purpose is to explain the whole paper in a one-liner sentence or statement.

Step 2: Then comes the abstract where the word cannot exceed certain limits. It is a paragraph or hardly two paragraphs that give the summary of the entire paper with regards to the basic idea, the methodology carried out to extract the data and the important bits of the paper.

Although the abstract section comes at the beginning of the paper it is guided to write it after the whole research has been conducted as it gets easy to jolt the points down when you already have an idea. 

Step 3: Write down the statement of the purpose, it is a declarative statement summarizing the goals of the research in the beginning.

Step 4: Then comes the objective of the study in which the expected objectives to be achieved in research are stated.

Step 5: After that research questions are written that are to be answered further in the study based on specific concerns.

Step 6: The methodology determines the ways through which these research questions would be answered. There are three main types of methodology; quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodology. 

Step 7: Then comes the literature review, which contains the literature gathered from different sources in formulating your own argument and proving it. 

Step 8: Then comes the significance of the study that is to explain what gap has been completed by your research that was not there in previous research.

Step 9: The limitations of the study give the idea of the limitation your study has that needs to be covered in the future. 

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