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Learn Portuguese as a Second Language With Online Portuguese Tutors


Learning Portuguese as a second language can be challenging but rewarding. If you’ve been considering learning Portuguese but are nervous that it will be too hard or too expensive, now is a great time to try learning with an online Portuguese tutor. A tutor can give you the motivation, encouragement, and inspiration you need to get started on your new adventure, and more importantly, to stick with it.

Sometimes, when you start learning something, you’re filled with fire and passion at the beginning, but that slowly fades as you realize how much hard work and practice is involved. Learning with an online tutor is a good way to maintain that passion. When the going gets tough and you get discouraged, your online tutor can give you the encouragement you need to get you through. In this way, an online tutor doesn’t only act as a teacher, but as a partner in your quest to learn a new language.

If you’re interested in getting started with an online Portuguese tutor, is a great resource. There you can find Portuguese tutors (and tutors in many different languages and subjects) who excel in different specialties, including Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Portuguese grammar, Portuguese for beginners, and even Portuguese for kids. 

You can choose a tutor based on their specialty as well as other parameters like location, availability, other languages spoken, and price. 

Benefits of Learning Portuguese With an Online Tutor

One of the main benefits of studying Portuguese with an online tutor is that the tutor can motivate you when you get discouraged or distracted. But there are many other benefits as well! These include:

  • Selection: As opposed to having just a few (or no) options for local tutors, Eurekly offers a large selection of tutors. You can choose one and stick with them or rotate between several favorites. The choice is yours!
  • Convenience: You can learn with an online tutor from your desktop or mobile device, without the need to leave your home or even change out of your pajamas. Plus, Eurekly provides all the tools you need for successful learning: screen-sharing, note-taking, recording, and more. 
  • Flexibility: Since there is a large selection of tutors on Eurekly, you can choose those who fit into your schedule—not the other way around. Moreover, Eurekly offers the option for instant scheduling, so you don’t necessarily need to schedule a session in advance. You can book one on the fly with a Eurekly tutor who’s available.
  • Affordability: Eurekly tutors offer competitively priced lessons, with some tutors starting at just $5 per session and others starting at $35. With so many options, you can find one who specializes in the area you want and at the price that fits your budget.

Why Learn Portuguese?

Portuguese is spoken by hundreds of millions of people globally. It’s the national language of Brazil, Portugal, and several other countries, so learning Portuguese will help you a good deal if you plan on traveling. According to curso bitcoin, there are over 730,000 Portuguese speakers in the United States. So even if you don’t plan on traveling, learning Portuguese may help you communicate with neighbors, colleagues, and others. 

In general, research has shown that learning a foreign language can make you smarter in several ways. These include:

  • You’re more rational in a second language
  • Learning another language can make you more creative
  • Heightened EQ (emotional intelligence) 
  • Enables better coping skills for the unknown and unpredictable
  • Keeps your brain sharp

All of these benefits can be achieved if you learn a second language continuously, not a few words here and there. If you’re able to stick with it, you’ll actually be doing yourself a favor in both the long- and short-term. 

Is Learning Portuguese Hard?

While there are numerous benefits of learning another language, it’s understandable if you’re deterred because you fear it’s too hard. It’s true—learning another language isn’t easy. On the other hand, it’s certainly doable. 

For English speakers, Portuguese can be one of the easier languages to learn since the two share the same alphabet. English speakers with a background in Spanish will probably have an easier time learning Portuguese since the two share common roots and words. 

Many language learners say that Brazilian Portuguese is easier to learn than European Portuguese, but that might be a matter of preference. While Portuguese isn’t considered a hard language to learn, there are certain challenges, like getting familiar with the masculine and feminine forms of verbs and pronunciation. There are also some variations on words. For example, the word investir hoje changes slightly to invertir hoy, so you need to know the semantics of phrases.

Studying the language with an online tutor can help you push past the difficulties and get closer and closer to fluency. When you get discouraged, an online tutor can motivate you and remind you how good you’ll feel when you’re able to understand and communicate with Portuguese speakers. 

There’s no better time to start learning Portuguese than right now. Check out and get started. 

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