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Outdoor Kitchen

Countless homeowners are opting to install an outdoor kitchen on their property. They spent more time at home during the global pandemic and saw where upgrades needed to be made to the property. When grilling outside, those owners discovered they enjoy doing so and wanted to cook outside more if possible.

The outdoor kitchen makes this goal achievable. However, they need to know which appliances to buy to make this kitchen the ideal cooking place. What are some appliances every home needs in this outdoor feature? 

A Grill

When you think about your outdoor kitchen appliances and what you must have in this space, a grill probably comes to mind first. However, it isn’t your only option, which is why most people must spend time planning this feature before anything is purchased or any work is done. When planning the kitchen, determine whether you will use it multiple times each week or if it will be for occasional gatherings. This helps you narrow the choices when it comes to which appliances are required. 

Refrigerator and Ice Maker

An outdoor refrigerator allows the cook to store items they routinely use and also serves as an excellent place to keep beverages for family members and guests. They won’t need to go inside every time they want a drink and won’t be in danger of tripping over a cooler or bucket reserved for beverages. An outdoor ice maker is also of great help, as there will be no need to store ice in the freezer, where it will take up valuable space. 


People who love to smoke meats will want to include a smoker in the outdoor kitchen layout. Choose from a standalone unit or one built directly into a countertop. The built-in version frees up working space, but a freestanding unit can be moved to allow space for additional appliances. 

Pizza Oven

Imagine enjoying an artisan pizza fresh from the oven. This dream becomes a reality when you choose to install a pizza oven in the outdoor kitchen. Every family member can create their own pizza and enjoy it while admiring the beauty of the outdoors. Furthermore, pizza is only one of many things that can be cooked in this appliance. Try new recipes and see how versatile this appliance truly is. 

Warming Drawer 

In addition to a refrigerator in the outdoor kitchen, consider installing a warming drawer. This helps the chef keep certain dishes warm as they prepare other items. The foods remain at a safe temperature when the drawer is used and those items won’t be overcooked or dry out. A chef finds they can expand their meal options when there is a warming drawer on hand. 

Kitchen Sink

While most people wouldn’t consider a kitchen sink an appliance, it’s a wonderful thing to have in any kitchen, indoors or out. The cook can easily clean up during meal prep and make certain their hands remain free of germs and bacteria as they prepare the different foods. This ensures nobody gets sick from coming together for an outdoor meal. 

Spend time planning your outdoor kitchen before shopping for any appliances. Determine how much space is available and what type of layout is desired. This helps to narrow the choices when it comes to which items to buy and ensures the kitchen meets your needs in every way. 

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