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Learn More About Form I-485 Green Card Application Citizen Concierge 2023

Definition of I-485 Form

In what ways does filling out an I-485, Application to Adjust Status, help?

Form I-485, Application to Adjustment of Status to Permanent Residency, is used by eligible foreign nationals currently present in the United States of America to apply for green card. Changing one’s immigration status to permanent resident is possible only for those who have met the requirements for a green card.

Adjustment of status allows the applicant to keep their residence in the USA while applying for a green card, which is a big advantage over consular processing. After filling out some extra paperwork, individuals can get a Social Security number, work legally in the United States, and visit the country.

Three primary stipulations must be met before an immigrant petition may be filed using Form I-485. The applicant must satisfy the following requirements to be granted a status change:

1-Have a permanent place of residence within the USA

Adjustment of status applications must be submitted from within the United States, and the entire procedure must be completed within the country.

2-Have entered the country in a legitimate way

You entered the United States legally if you were granted admission or parole. In most cases, it indicates that you presented yourself in person to an immigration officer in the United States and were granted entrance into the country.

Even if your visa has expired, you could still enter legally because you had a valid visa at the time.

3-Maintain immediate access to an immigration visa

Form I-485 can be submitted alongside the I-130 petition by relatives of U.S. citizens. That’s why the “immediate relatives” group can always apply for a visa.

However, those applying under family preference must ensure a visa is available, for them to submit Form I-485, their visa type needs to be “current” in the visa bulletin.

Documentation Requesting an Adjustment of Status

What documentation should I attach to my I-485?

An “adjustment of status application package” typically consists of multiple documents submitted at once. The concurrent filing describes this situation. Keep in mind that unless an immigrant visa is accessible right away, you cannot complete Form I-485. So the I-130 petition is normally only concurrently filed by close relatives of United States citizens.

Concurrent filing might shorten the processing time if the documents are properly prepared and submitted. USCIS will have all the necessary information to review your case and decide. The following documents are included in a typical application package for modification of status based on these documents:

  • I-485, Application to Adjust Status – This is the main document in the packet; it is the application for permanent residency in the United States (green card).
  • I-130A Supplement – If the I-130 petitioner is a spouse, only that person must complete the supplemental form. It provides more details on the potential immigrant.
  • I-130, Petition for Alien Relative – A petition must establish the fundamental eligibility for a green card. You need proof of a valid relationship in order to file a petition based on familial ties.
  • I-693, Report of Medical and Vaccination Record – The candidate must get checked out by a doctor USCIS recognizes. This paperwork has been completed and provided to you in a sealed envelope by the doctor’s office.


  • I-131, Application for Travel Document, I-765, Application for Employment Authorization and I-864, Affidavit of Support

File Form I-485 Online

Can I file my Form I-485 online?

You can’t electronically file Form I-485 with USCIS just yet, but plenty of services are available to help you get it ready to submit. This form cannot be submitted electronically to USCIS at this time. Even if you submit everything electronically, that only guarantees fast processing. 

Focus on sending a complete and well-organized application if you want a prompt response. The time savings from filing electronically can range from a few days to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the case.

Furthermore, USCIS will not advocate for you. They aren’t concerned about what’s best for you. USCIS will not correct you if you submit material that might adversely affect your immigration status.

Citizen Concierge – The Best Adjustment Partner!

Citizen Concierge is an affordable service built by immigration lawyers for those who wish to be sure they are filling out the application correctly. Using the Citizen Concierge Form I-485 Online Adjustment Package will streamline the application process and notify you of any possible issues.

You will also be provided with thorough filing instructions to help you compile the necessary paperwork to accompany your application. Even if USCIS denies your green card application, Citizen Concierge will refund your money. Citizen Concierge can help you with Form I-485.

Forms I-130 and I-130a (if necessary) are also included in this packet. You can hire Citizen Concierge for much less than the expense of hiring an attorney. Visit for more information.

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