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Learn Is Synthetic Leather Durable?

Is synthetic leather durable is the question of many people. Will their quality be enough to replace real leather lines? Understanding the durability of synthetic leather will help customers decide to choose corresponding leather products such as sofas, shoes, bags… The article by Yan Chuang will share information related to the durability of synthesis leather on the market today.

Is synthetic leather durable?

Currently, there are 3 most popular types of synthetic leather: Pu leather, microbier leather and PVC leather. Depending on the type, they will have different durability. Due to the dissimilarity in structure, there are advantages and disadvantages of each type. Customers should know well to be able to choose the type of leather for the product they intend to buy.

Find out if synthetic leather is durable or not?

The highest durability of the synthetic leather line is pu leather and microfiber. They can be used for 3-5 years comfortably without having to worry about problems with skin exploding, peeling or cracking. With their solid texture helps them retain the plastic coating on the surface to create color and texture. So customers can rest assured when using it without having to worry about their leather goods being damaged.

Especially with 2 new leather lines, which are PU and microfiber, are the most prominent. These are new leather lines appearing on the market but have been loved and used by many customers. Their good thickness combined with their texture makes them gradually trusted to replace traditional genuine leather lines. Waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant are the most advantages of this leather line. Thanks to them, the durability of synthetic leather is better. Even customers can take sharp objects, cutlery scratch, pierce without puncture.

The thickness of the industrial leather also affects the durability. The thicker the leather, the higher the durability and vice versa

The lowest durability is PVC synthetic leather. Their lifespan is only about 1-2 years before they begin to peel and crack. Partly because the coatings that give color and texture are so thin that they break down faster. We can see that the products of leather jackets, shoes or PVC sofas are very quickly discolored and peeling. Therefore, this leather line is usually quite cheap when it is only 1/3 or 1/5 of the price of other synthetic leather lines.

Which synthetic leather should I buy?

As suggested above, customers can learn more about pu synthetic leather and microfiber. These are two leather lines that are trusted by most leather goods factories. Surveys show that customers using this type of leather are very satisfied with sofa products, shoes, and leather clothing.

How to increase the durability of synthetic leather?

After knowing if synthetic leather is durable, the next thing is how to increase its durability. Not only simple to use, but also very important to clean and maintain. They can increase their lifespan by 20-30% very effectively. Listen to Yan Chuang’s advice!

Proper cleaning

It doesn’t mean that a lot of cleaning can increase the durability of synthetic leather. If you wipe too often, the top layer of PVC will quickly be worn, leading to peeling and puncture when used. Therefore, it is best to schedule synthetic leather cleaning once a week or twice a week. Also, carefully read the instructions for use with each type of synthetic leather. This will help choose the most correct cleaning method and cleaning solution. Maximize their durability as announced by the manufacturer. Because there are skin types that can only use specialized cleaning solutions or there are types that cannot be used with soaps, detergents, etc.Proper cleaning and cleaning of synthetic leather seats will effectively increase their durability

Keep in a place where temperature and humidity are stable

The ideal temperature to maintain the durability of industrial leather is in the range of 20-35 degrees Celsius. Too hot or too cold temperatures can both affect the leather surface when they stretch the surface. This is the main cause of cracked and broken skin. We should not dry leather goods with a dryer or expose it to direct sunlight. Instead, use a fan or leave it in a cool place to be the safest way to dry things out.

Provide moisture with skin conditioners

When buying products such as sofas, leather chairs, customers can be given a skin cleaning solution or leather conditioner. Using them will strengthen, replenish moisture to the skin surface. It helps to make synthetic leather more beautiful when increasing the gloss of the product while helping to ensure the durability of the product.Moisturizing solutions will increase the durability and luster of synthetic leather”


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