Learn How WordPress Plugins Drive Profitability and Revenue Growth


There are tons of website plugins that are excessively employed by millions of website owners for fulfilling and achieving their different purposes. Adding a plugin to your WordPress website actually means you are adding a little piece of software that eventually improves the functionality of your website and provides you with new website features as well. Here when you add new plugins to your WordPress website then you can also customize it in a specific way you want. 

Further, these advanced plugins overall allow you to perform automatic marketing that will automate your marketing activities where you can powerfully extend your audience reach, drive profitability and revenue growth as well. Today in this content, we are going to provide you with one of the best and most useful WordPress plugins that can literally improve your users’ experience and also help you in increasing your reach. Let’s have a look then:

Google Analytics For Your WordPress Site:

You can consider Google Analytics as one of the finest web services. With this, you can absolutely view all detailed information relevant to your website. Not only this, but your website traffic, information regarding your audience, and even your conversion rates are going to become more visible for you.  

To adopt more features of this Google Analytics plugin, here you can also add ‘WordPress marketing automation plugin’ that will literally help you in driving profitability and generating more revenue as well. Further, this marketing automation plugin also allows you to optimize your users’ experience by discovering visitors’ search trends on your WordPress site followed by the path that your users take through. Moreover, the absolute conversion rates can also be measured well with the help of this advanced WordPress plugin. Apart from this, the integration process of this google analytics plugin is quite simple where all you need to do is simply enable the feature. Also, let your users know about your achievements in the form of great analytics via WordPress as well as woo-commerce push notifications.

Edit Your Content Faster With Convertize:

This plugin is available to you in the form of A/B testing with which you can simply test as well as edit your new in the easiest manner. The convertize plugin not just helps you in editing your published content but here you can also attract more visitors to your WordPress website’s best-performing pages. This simply means you can certainly try publishing so many crazy ideas related to your products and for which you absolutely don’t have to don’t sales.

Further, good testing is always required before publishing your content to the public. Now when you have an appropriate tool like convertize for testing your content then here you can easily check and provide the best button designs, content titles, and images as well that will simply help you in driving more sales as well as your profits. Furthermore, you can also let your users know about the new edits and updated content by using these powerful tools like WordPress Push Notifications and woocommerce push notifications as well. 

Increase Your Social Media Reach With Click-To-Tweet Feature

In today’s competitive business scenario, it has absolutely become important for every business to mark its presence on different social media platforms. But here only marking your presence would not be enough until and unless you become able to generate leads. And leads can only be generated by increasing the reach of these platforms to your audience. 

Here for doing this effectively, you can purposely integrate the ‘Click to tweet’ plugin for your WordPress site where you can easily tweet your website blog post in just one click. Moreover, you can also share your tweets with your audience via WordPress as well as woocommerce push notifications. Now when you users are going to click these links from their push notification messages, then they can simply tweet out your content that will eventually help you in reaching more people. 

Improve Website Security With Jetpack

When it’s the matter of online buying then the one factor which every online trader needs to consider is the security of your website. Because no one will pay you online until and unless you make them believe that your webpage is absolutely secure for making online payments. Here you can simply resolve your website security concerns by adding an additional plugin called ‘Jetpack’ to your WordPress website. With this, you can literally encompass everything which you want for your site like site management, improving security & optimizing performance as well. 

Further, here you will eventually become more able to drive better profitability and generate more revenue as well. You can also let your audience know about your WordPress site security via WordPress push notifications and Woocommerce Push Notifications as well. Furthermore, this WordPress plugin allows you to calculate the absolute analytics that ultimately helps you in integrating this plugin with other WordPress apps, adopting SEO tools for different platforms, and also understanding your audience in a better way. 


If you are using a WordPress site for your business then you are absolutely required to know about tons of WordPress marketing automation plugins that you can add very easily to your WordPress site. With these automatic plugins, you can powerfully drive more profits and potentially generate better revenue as well. Because from now you will actually become able to perform those functions which otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do. Apart from this, these advanced plugins not only help you in saving your operating cost but also save your efforts and time as well. So, overall these plugins are proved to be the absolute easiest way for getting more views, more leads, and moreover optimizing the overall performance of your WordPress site.

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