Learn How to Tweak Your Game to Have Fun You Didn’t Even Know You Could

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League of Legends, one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games by Riot Games. The amount of experienced players is simply countless and makes you feel as if they only exist in the game to destroy your Match-Making Rating (MMR). 

More often than not, you can’t avoid these players, and that leaves you looking for a way to improve your gameplay. Below are some ideas to win, prevent tilt, and reach gold, and significantly increase the amount of fun you have playing the game.

Play With Friends

Like any other sport or game, playing League of Legends with friends will create a positive environment that is more fun than playing alone. Playing with friends is one of the easiest ways to have fun, relieve stress, and enjoy League of Legends. Try getting four of your friends into a regular game and run the dunk squad. 

You can even get just three of your friends to play 2v2 on Howling Abyss. And in case you’re worried about playing with friends who are lower-skilled than you, you can get league smurfs for sale from reputable and proven sources. By doing this, your friends also have a good time as they won’t be forced to play against higher-ranked opponents.

Use the Mute Button

To avoid any flaming, either from your teammates or the enemy team, take the surefire move of using the mute button. The moment anyone says anything that you find harmful, use the mute button. You can do that by holding down TAB and clicking the speaker icon beside their name. By taking this simple move, you preserve your emotions and stop yourself from falling into the rage trap. This will make playing League a lot more peaceful and fun.

Learn How to Tweak Your Game

Don’t Play Under Stress

This is especially important when playing ranked games but is still applicable for any game mode you’re playing. You should stay away from League of Legends if you have personal things you’re dealing with in your life, as this might put you on tilt. Playing the game with emotional turmoil and imbalance will make you more intolerable towards mistakes by your teammates. Ultimately the game loses most of its appeal and fun for all parties involved as you start flaming them.

Optimize PC Performance

It is crucial to optimize your PC performance so that it can run your game without hitches. Install dedicated apps that will apply different system tweaks by turning off unnecessary features and instead focus your system’s properties on the gaming activity. This prevents the common cases of system freeze because of system overload. You also get a smoother experience because of a higher in-game Frame Per Second (FPS).

Take Breaks

Taking breaks is another way to make sure you have a fun experience while playing the game. When you give yourself time to relax in between game sets, you can decrease fatigue and reduce negative energy towards the game. You can make a personal rule of playing only five games at a stretch, after which you give yourself a break of 10-15 minutes. Use this break you have to do anything, from watching videos of tactics used by other experienced game players to fix yourself a quick meal or just calming your nerves to prepare for the next set of games. 

You can also use the break to reflect and evaluate your previous games. By doing so, you might realize and figure out some things you could do better and improve on. Ultimately, you go back to the game feeling refreshed, energized, and in a better mind frame to enhance your game while having more fun!

Always Keep Learning

While you might think this has nothing to do with increasing your fun while playing the game. But taking small notes of what you learned or discovered at the end of every game will be useful later on. It could be anything. Imagine playing over 1000 games of League in a season; writing the slightest bit of information after every game would mean knowing 1000 things more than you did at the beginning of the season! 

Unarguably you win more games and climb the ranking ladder. And as gamers, in most cases, the more we win, the more fun there is to be had. Uncovering new, and exciting details of League of Legends will lead to you having more fun!

It is worth mentioning that it would be difficult to have fun while playing the game if you’re not playing because of your love of the game. Hopefully, by incorporating these tweaks in your gameplay, you have more fun than before.

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