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Learn How To Improve Your Problem Solving Skills Through Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams

Venn diagrams are visual tools that help us understand relationships between different data sets. They have found a special place in the business world as they are incredibly simple yet effective at showcasing the similarities and differences between different elements.

A Venn diagram uses circles to depict two or more data sets. If the circles overlap, they have something in common. If they don’t, they have no relationship.

 The Venn diagram above describes two companies (data sets). The part where the two circles overlap denotes the things that they have in common. The remaining space depicts the things that are exclusive to the companies.

But how can Venn diagrams be incorporated into your business?

Market Analysis – Let’s say you’re a business that sells presentation templates. You have launched a PowerPoint add-in that helps people make professional presentations quickly. Now, how do you figure out your target market? Who are your customers?

Through research, you find out that people who have the following characteristics are more likely to buy your products:

Source: SlideUpLift

Observe how easily the above Venn diagram showcases your market analysis. It shows that your company should target those people who are business professionals that make a lot of presentations and don’t want to waste their time designing presentations from scratch.

Therefore, the segment where all the circles overlap is where your focus should be. It is evident why Venn diagrams are so prevalent in business presentations. They are simplistic, effective, and excellent at visualizing complex information.

Brainstorming – This is another great use of Venn diagrams. Brainstorming is necessary to figure out new pathways, strategies, and courses of action. When people with different opinions and perspectives sit together and share ideas, one can get excellent results. The objective of brainstorming sessions is to assimilate knowledge from different perspectives and bring them together. Venn diagrams can be handy as they help us do just that.

Source: SlideUpLift 

SWOT Analysis – A SWOT is a simple yet effective framework that outlines a business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Venn diagrams can visually showcase how your strengths overlap with opportunities; thus, the areas you should focus on. For example, in a two circle Venn diagram below, one circle represents your strengths and the other, your opportunities. Thus, showcasing how opportunities can be utilized by your existing strengths.

Source: SlideUpLift 

Here are some Venn diagram PowerPoint templates to help you make informative and effective Venn diagrams.

Source: SlideUpLift 

This is a classic Venn Diagram template with a modern and artistic twist on it. Instead of defining overlapped segments, the template uses half-moon shapes, giving it a minimalist and aesthetic look. You can map three elements and showcase their relationship. The elements can also be given numbers and have their corresponding icons. If you feel the colors and icons are not relevant or not up to your taste, you can easily edit them to your preference as these templates are fully editable. Each Element has its text box, therefore giving you the ability to describe your elements effectively.

Diagram Description automatically generated

Source: SlideUpLift 

Circular Venn diagrams that showcase more than three elements can be difficult to read and understand if not designed properly. An easy way around this problem is substituting the circles with oval shapes. By virtue of their sleek and accommodating design, ovals can easily showcase four or more elements.

Diagram Description automatically generated

Source: SlideUpLift 

This Venn Diagram template uses six individual circles linked to each other in a logical sequence to signify a process, sequence, or system. This Venn diagram template is great for showcasing dependencies, i.e., how different elements link or depend on each other. For example, you can use this template to depict a logical sequence of various tasks in a project that is all inextricably linked to each other.

To learn more about how to use Venn Diagrams in a business setting, check out this blog post on Venn Diagram Template.

For more Venn Diagram templates head over to this Venn Diagram PowerPoint collection on SlideUpLift.

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