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Learn How To Consistently Make Money As A Day Trader; Interview with Guy Gentile, the CEO of Daytraderpro.

Legendary Trading Super-Star, Multi-Millionaire and founder of DayTraderPro Guy Gentile will be sharing his wealth of information on how to Consistently Make Money As A Day Trader in this interview.

Please tell us your name and about yourself? 

My name is Guy Gentile. I began trading in 1995 at 19-years-old while working at Coca-Cola. I had no idea about what the stock market was. I hadn’t even heard of it until my banker told me that if I wanted to earn more than just one or two percent in my account that I had to open an investment account.

My first trade was made through the online account I opened with my local bank. I noticed a trend where the stock would fluctuate in value, and I decided that the next time it goes up, I’m going to sell it, and when it goes back down, I’ll buy it. That led from trading Coca-Cola to trading other stocks during the day while still working the night shift at Coca-Cola. 

I remember making the mistake of leveraging up Yahoo during the dot-com bubble. The stock had just popped, and I thought it would continue. I put all of my money into it, and within a few days, it had dropped over 50 percent in value. I lost everything I had invested, which was about $20,000. That was the moment I realized that I needed to educate myself on trading, so I started reading books. I read about day trading, general trades and options, and even though I wasn’t trading, I continuously followed the market. 

While I was lucky enough to win back the money I had lost and more, not many traders can say the same. After over 20 years since my first trade, I still believe that having a strong fundamental knowledge of trading is essential to success coupled with an even stronger support system.

What is DayTraderPro?

DayTraderPro ( is a specially-designed trading education and mentorship program taught and ran exclusively by professional traders, who aren’t “professionals” because they got lucky 10 years ago, but because we have years of experience working in and around the industry; in all facets of the stock market. 

With DayTraderPro, you’ll get firsthand information and knowledge that will enhance your ability to make successful trades in the shortest period. Our Live Trading Room is designed for traders serious about results.

What specific services do you provide at DayTraderPro?

DayTraderPro offers our traders the following services: 


Under the guidance of a 20-year day trading professional, we’ve built a comprehensive video trading course using the time-tested strategies used by pros to take control of the market. The course is designed for traders at all levels, and has what it takes to turn you from beginner to advanced. Now you can learn how to navigate and adapt in ANY market scenario- just like the pros.

With 8.5 hours of video lessons and 125 hours worth of market-based live trading explained to you by me, you’ll be able to turn into a pro yourself. To learn more about Academy Course, visit:


Our DayTraderPros live trading room is one of the most effective ways to learn and grow as a day trader.  You have access to an invaluable resource; professionals. Our traders offer live help as you’re trading and insight into how they use logical technical analysis to anticipate the markets future trend – and it’s all LIVE! To learn more about Live Trading Room, visit:

1) Watch live trades, see profit as it happens.

Guy and his team of day traders identify, explain, and execute live trades that our members can follow and learn from in real time – while watching our screens and listening to our thought process along the way.

2) Key learnings on how to read trading charts and patterns.

As a technical trader, good charts are very important, and furthermore, explaining trade ideas over the live stream will allow you to spot an opportunity easily, and follow along as Guy clearly explains the setups, we are playing in our day trading chat room.

3) Access to day trading resources, research used by the pros.

The powerful, open source day trading chat room is open 24/7 with real-time trade alerts. Watch us research news articles, use fundamental trade strategies, and trade. 

4) Access to live trade setups for the day.

Guy and his team of day traders identify, explain, and execute live trades that our members can follow and learn from in real time – while watching our screens and listening to our thought process along the way.

5) Strong, intimate community of traders. 

Get connected and feel the difference in a welcoming, professional community of talented traders and moderators who are working together as a team to profit in the market daily. Ask them as many questions as you like.

6) Trading ideas to get your trading started. 

As Guy sets up his trading week, be the first to get access to the potential movers and shakers in the market so that you can get to the profit sooner.

Could you tell us in summary, how to consistently make money as a day trader?

The way to consistently make money as a day trader is through hard work, scanning the market, and understanding what is really happening. This is what I show my traders how to do step-by-step, but at the same time, we’re going through real-life examples, calling out trades and reviewing our trade strategies so that traders know the fundamentals. By doing this consistently, traders can make money.

What is SpeedTrader and how does it work?

SpeedTrader is a day trading broker designed to meet the needs of active traders. The firm was founded nearly 20 years ago and is well-known within the trading community. SpeedTrader offers competitive commissions, direct market access, and third party locates. 

What should we expect from the DayTraderPro’s FREE Trading Resources?

DayTraderPro’s FREE trading resources include my pre-market recaps, which provide some invaluable information on how we get our day started. If our traders are looking for insight into what we look at in the morning before the market opens and an introduction into key trading strategies, our free resources are the way to go. Traders then come into our room to see these strategies happen live and gain further in-depth experience, which brings everything together.

How does the DayTraderPRO Academy Trading Course work and how much does it cost?

You will sign up for the DayTrader Pro Academy course found on the website. Once you sign up, our traders get instant access to with 8.5 hours of video lessons and 125 hours worth of market-based live trading explained to you by me. +

This comprehensive course shows you exactly how professional traders take control of the market. It’s designed for traders that want to see real-life action so that they can navigate through any market scenario and be consistently profitable trading using key strategies. This video course is a day-by-day look into LIVE trading action – not cut into pieces – showing you what you NEED to see and much more.

The best part is by enrolling in the academy, it’s so much more than the course; our traders get over $5,000 worth of education, mentorship, merchandise and live action for only $2,497.

What makes Guy Gentile & DayTraderPros different from other  trading gurus and what is your success story so far?

Well at the end of the day, I’m not a marketer, saying that I make a living day trading, like the other guys. I’m a professional trader and so is my team. We’ve been in and around the business for a very long time and what DayTraderPro does, is bring real-life, day-to-day trading to the table. Our strategies are built around today’s market and we’re constantly updating our content and education to reflect this – that’s what’s different.  

Since the course is a complete market education, it’s really the only fast-track to success as a day-trader. 

What are your safety and security guarantees?

DayTraderPro has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If our traders are satisfied with the academy, they’re protected.

Do you have more information for our readers?

Getting trading mentorship is valuable whether you are just starting out or a seasoned investor, stuck in a rut. A mentor might be just what you need; however, stay clear of marketers. They’ll sell you anything and leave you hanging dry – or just send you a ton of meaningless emails. 

If you want to make it big as a day-trader, your best bet is to learn what the pros already know and skip the hard work of building the wheel from scratch!

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