Leading Web3 Apps That Make The World a Better Place

Web3 is often touted as the future of the internet. Web 3 solutions will make our lives easier and provide greater access to our data. Web 3 is about user-centric systems and gives power to people like you. But, only a few Web 3 apps contribute to improving our lives. We have curated a list of Web3 apps that will make the world a better place to live and empower common people.

Brave Browser

Brave is probably the most known name on our list. It is a privacy-focused browser that rewards users for performing searches and watching ads. The rewards are decent and can be cashed out easily via Uphold or Gemini exchange account. 

The main aspect of the Brave browser is its commitment to honouring user privacy. Unlike popular browsers, Brave does not sell usage statistics and user data to third parties. Instead, it allows you to be the master of your data. You can also choose not to share any data with Brave Browser. It also allows you to tip your favourite content creator or website if they have signed up for Brave rewards. Further, Brave shows you how much bandwidth you saved while browsing online.

PHILApp by Philcoin 

Phil is short for Philanthropy. PHILApp is a platform based on Web3 that allows users to donate and receive funds for global causes related to United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is well accepted that donations often become difficult just because the payment network demands a lot of unnecessary information. Further, donors often want to be anonymous due to their high profile. 

Philcoin and PHILApp respect this privacy concern and hence utilise cryptocurrencies’ power for philanthropy. The network’s cryptocurrency Philcoin (PHL) allows users to donate funds in crypto, which due to its benefits such as low fees and faster cross-border access, adds to the donor’s ease. This effort helps charity reach even the remotest corners of the world and makes the world a better place.

Philcoin recently launched a staking mechanism allowing users to donate a percentage of their profits to a charity of their choice in the PHILApp. Staking aims to be a new way of bringing income to not just individuals, but entire communities, through giving. With this Philcoin is creating a global philanthropic movement that will revolutionize the way we give.


Ethlance is a freelancing platform for earning cryptocurrencies. It is useful for both recruiters as well as freelancers. The platform is the world’s first decentralized job marketplace. 

Ethlance has a huge number of benefits. Unlike many freelancing websites, Ethlance has no fees for its users. It has zero membership fees, so anyone can easily get an account and start earning. And since all files are stored on IPFS, there is no chance of accidental data loss.

Earning and hiring are very easy on Ethlance. With a few simple steps you will get hired as a freelancer or find the perfect fit as a recruiter. The payment is done in Ethereum (ETH). There is also a feedback system which allows recruiters and freelancers to rate each other based on their experience. A job which lets you earn in cryptocurrency makes you less dependent on local market conditions.


Livepeer is an open-source peer-to-peer video streaming platform. It was created to achieve a Web3 streaming stack. The platform also allows users to communicate via video calls, stream videos, capture screenshots and download video files. The decentralized video platform is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Although it is the Web3 equivalent of YouTube, it has several features that make it far better than its Web2 competitor. It allows users greater control in terms of sharing and downloading content. Users can also stream directly from their phones. Being decentralized, it has several advantages for a good user experience and helps create a better streaming service for the world.

Token Daily

One of the most under-appreciated services in the world is unbiased news. A better world through blockchain can be envisioned when people know as much about crypto, defi and blockchain as possible. 

Token Daily is one service that helps users know about the blockchain world. It helps you identify critical news and recent developments in Web3, so you do not miss any critical information. Though it is not based on the blockchain, it helps you know better about the former. An interesting part of Token Daily which sets it ahead of crypto news websites is its Research section. It provides critical insights on deep blockchain technology issues and their developments.


Web3 apps are critical in solving many issues that are impossible to solve via Web2. Some of these issues, such as easier charities, unrestricted access to the internet, privacy focussed content streaming and a lot more, are addressed through the Web3 apps we mentioned in our list. 

These apps facilitate a greater user experience while also taking care of their privacy. Their impact on the world will help us make a quantum jump to greater Web3 adoption and hence a better world.

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