Leading the DEPIN era: SOLLONG drives global computing power innovation


With the popularity of AI and WEB3, data and computing power have once again become the key driving forces for social change and economic growth. All of this is inseparable from the underlying support of DEPIN, and thus, SOLLONG came into being.

SOLLONG: Pioneer of DEPIN computing power

SOLLONG is committed to creating an open, fair, and efficient DEPIN ecosystem so that users can truly have data and computing power control and economic benefits. As an ecological economy built on real data, SOLLONG redefines the value of users, allowing data owners to obtain actual benefits from their data. Through the SOLLONG platform, users can easily manage personal data and turn it into revenue sources.

Leading technology and academic background

The founders of the Sollong project, relying on their technical background and research results at Stanford, injected innovative soul and scientific precision into the project. This team not only masters cutting-edge blockchain technology but can also transform complex theories into practical solutions. Through Proof of Physical Work (PoPW), Token Incentivized Physical Infrastructure Network (TIPIN), and EdgeFi Network, Sollong shows how to apply blockchain technology to the deployment and management of physical infrastructure, achieving true decentralization change. This model not only provides a modular foundation for the construction of Web 3.0 but is also a successful practice of the DEPIN concept in the real world.

In addition to its technical strength, SOLLONG will also establish laboratory cooperation with universities around the world to expand its business scenario applications. Through cooperation with universities, SOLLONG can better learn from and apply the most cutting-edge scientific research results and provide users with better services and products. This cross-border cooperation not only helps promote the development of DEPIN innovation but also promotes the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements.

Looking to the future and creating a broader WEB3 space

Looking to the future, SOLLONG will continue to strive to create a more open, fair, and efficient DEPIN ecosystem. SOLLONG will continue to leverage the resources of global universities to expand business use cases and provide users with more diversified and innovative services. We believe that on the road of continuous innovation and exploration, SOLLONG will bring more surprises and benefits to users and become a leader in the digital era.

So long, open up the digital world and lead the future!

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