Leading Entrepreneur Share Views on EdTech in Crypto: It’s like climbing Everest

EdTech in Crypto

Vladislav Utushkin, who succeeded in the cryptocurrency industry with one of the largest EdTech crypto platforms in CIS countries, shared his expereince he achieved while doing business in the wild cryptocurrency world. Vladislav is a founder of a startup that has overgrown the boundaries of the local market. His TTM Group includes the coin MarsDAO, restaking services, a launch pad, a system of grants for young crypto projects and the TTM Academy that is considered, by right, one of the largest in CIS countries. 

The global adoption of cryptocurrencies remains growing despite overall decline in the cryptocurrency market, with emerging markets being at the forefront of this process. The growth of interest in cryptocurrencies fueled an increase in demand for educational courses about cryptocurrencies, which explain both the basics of dealing with cryptocurrencies and more complex mechanisms of investing and multiplying assets with the help of cryptocurrencies.

“Despite everything that we have seen at the beginning of the year, the EdTech field in Russia has grown 79.5% in comparison with the same period of the last year. Moreover, in my view, education in the crypto field is growing even faster. The thing is that the blockchain sphere is still new and underexplored by many but it not only promises fabulous profits but also actively integrates into everyday life,” reveals Utushkin, a founder of TTM Academy, which offers a wide range of crypto-related educational programs in CIS countries and now has an eye on the global expansion.

When launching a cryptocurrency educational project, the main aim has to be not to make profit, believes Utushkin, but to contribute to the global cryptocurrency adoption. This is the main ingredient for success since the crypto world has no boundaries or nationalities, only a shared love for code and cash.

“While creating my crypto academy, profits were last in my thoughts. First of all, this product was made for the community built around the products of my company group. At some point, I saw how in-demand my product is (and generous offers to purchase TTM Academy must have played a big role in that) and I decided to share my insights first in CIS countries. Now we are negotiating partnerships on a global level.”

One of the most attended courses at TTM Academy is a basic course on blockchain and cryptocurrencies for those who have never dealt with digital assets before. This course is free. Within the course, beginners learn what is blockchain, how to safely create wallets and conduct transactions, know-how about Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. This course helps receive core knowledge about cryptocurrencies and start to use them easier and safer.

For those who are already familiar with the basics of cryptocurrencies, there are courses on investing and trading where professional traders and capitalists share their experience, help create investment strategies, analyze new projects and avoid scams. They help find the style and strategy, understand risk bearing and profit making, be it long-term investing into secure assets or fast trading on garbage assets.

“I have not yet seen a crypto project with clear and structured documentation for developers. All this reminds me of the computer development epoch in the 80s when there were no formal boundaries, just creativity and unlimited growth. To make sense of it all, one needs to devote oneself to the industry, plunge into it with the head, try all novelties, analyze, draw conclusions, and suffer bumps and bruises. Education in the cryptocurrency field, as in any other field, allows sorting it all out by using someone else’s experience without making your own errors,” Utushkin explains.

Although the Internet is full of free tutorials dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, educational courses attract more listeners every month. The reason is that the information on the courses is given in a structured way, it is selected and verified – in contrast to the ocean of free tutorials and call-to-action educational materials, where worthwhile materials coexist with outright fraud.

“This is like climbing Everest. You can do it by yourself. But if you hire a guide, he will support you during the climb,” Utushkin believes. “A lot of newbies think that cryptocurrencies are like a button “green” during the bull market and a total scam at times when bears come. Reality is far from that. Blockchain is work, sweat and analytics.”

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