Leading Blockchain as a Service Provider Mantle to Integrate DigitalBits Blockchain Mantle 

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Integration brings existing clients, ready-made solutions and proof-of-concepts to DigitalBits Network

The rapidly emerging industry of blockchain technology has been herald as the second coming of the internet. Originally a niche space for tech junkies, anarchists, cypherpunks and the like, blockchain is quickly making its way into the mainstream. What continues to be a point of contention however, is the associated complexities, subjecting both organizations and end users to numerous frictions. 

In order to truly open the floodgates of adoption, blockchain needs to become more accessible. The emergence of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) looks to address just that, streamlining the process by which organizations are able to deploy their solutions on-chain. Leading BaaS provider Mantle recently partnered with the XDB Foundation, lead contributor to the DigitalBits Project, to integrate the DigitalBits blockchain. This latest integration activates a number of synergies, providing existing Mantle clients with unfettered access to a robust blockchain ecosystem, while affording those looking to build on DigitalBits access to ready made solutions and proof of concepts. 

“I’m very excited to see Mantle join the DigitalBits ecosystem,” said Michael Gord, XDB Foundation Managing Director. “Core to our vision at the XDB Foundation has been driving the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Solutions such as Mantle enable enterprises to begin using blockchain right out of the gate – and the users of these enterprise applications will also gain exposure, they just might not know it. Mantle introduces another powerful solution to our ecosystem that allows users to benefit from the unparalleled security, composability and digital identity features associated with blockchain, without having to master the technology or build out an entire blockchain division.” 

Mantle solutions sit between enterprise applications and blockchain protocols, streamlining the process by which enterprises are able to deploy blockchain-based solutions. BaaS offloads the complexities of blockchain technology, removing the need for enterprise to maintain a blockchain infrastructure. In this way, companies are empowered to do what they do best while incorporating emerging technology, without the need to build out a blockchain division, saving both time and money. 

Mantle’s digital identity platform is made up of three layers: 

  1. Suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools accessible via APIs and GUIs. End users and developers interact with this layer 
  2. Blockchain Edge – embed technology innovations and management features required for enterprise use of blockchain technology 
  3. VirtualChain – each Mantle customer has their own dedicated VirtualChain, through which they are able to interact with one or multiple blockchains making their applications agnostic to each protocol and future-proof.

This latest partnership is a big step in cementing DigitlaBits as a leading enterprise blockchain, with Mantle enabling out of the box experiences and access to ready built applications for big enterprises. Similar to other ecosystem partners such as Zytara and Stably, Mantle has also expressed interest in operating instances of DigitalBits Core, contributing to network security and decentralization. 

“Our existing and future enterprise customers will benefit from innovations and the vision that the broad XDB community is bringing to the table. Being able to work hand in hand with infrastructures puts all of us on a fast track to delivering concrete business benefits to companies in full digital transformation.” said Pascal Leblanc, CEO of Mantle. “More importantly, it is exciting to see the quality of the team driving the project. I am super confident that XDB will leave its mark on this next generation of decentralized infrastructures.”

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