LeadCoin: Connecting the World of Digital Currency to Web Marketing

If you have not heard of what cryptocurrency is, then get ready to be blown away. In simple terms, it is a decentralised digital money. What this means is that there are no banks, financial institutions, nor central authorities giving you rules and regulations on how you can use your money. With cryptocurrencies, you are in control of your money. You receive currency when you want to, and you send it anytime you want to. Very Easy!

You know the saying that goes “Behind every successful man is a woman”? Well, that applies here too. Behind cryptocurrencies is a technology that gives it this decentralised nature. And that technology is known as “Blockchain”. This technology handles most, if not all, digital currencies and assets, and since its introduction has in its own innovative way made life easier for a lot of people. Now, it’s trying to help businesses in finding leads. How? The answer is LeadCoin.

The Concept behind LeadCoin

Launched on April 31, 2017, LeadCoin (LC) started at an initial price of about $0.001 per coin. It is unique in its own way because it is one out of the very few cryptocurrencies whose pricing is based primarily on the increase of the number of members involved – the more the members involved, the higher the price of LeadCoin.

Being the first ever decentralised lead sharing network, LeadCoin’s blockchain-based platform offers various businesses an innovative way of selling and buying untampered and high quality leads in real-time. It was produced with the aim of improving the quality and efficiency of an organisation’s web marketing campaign or activities. And how does it do this? By simply offering these organisations a fair and secure platform where they can pool resources and preserve some, if not all, of their marketing plan.

In the world of digital marketing today, there is an increasing aggravation that is mainly driven by the low-quality but high-volume of campaigns being offered by the industry. For instance, the duopoly of Facebook and google in the digital advertising space has caused a multi-billion dollar market cap but still leaves over 95% of leads untapped. This has caused many businesses to look for other decentralised means of acquiring leads.


How LeadCoin Works

Using the blockchain technology for operation, LeadCoin utilizes smart contracts just like most other cryptocurrencies to get rid of the middleman, and members get access to its token known as LDC which they can then use in buying and selling leads.  With its decentralised nature, only one entity has control of the platform. This way, fairness is guaranteed.

Leads are generated in these simple steps:

  • A potential lead gets in contact with a business that offers a product or service they are interested in
  • If the business cannot convert the buyer to a paying customer, they upload the lead to LeadCoin so that other businesses on can purchase it
  • The matching algorithm on LeadCoin will then scrutinizes the lead before matching it to other businesses.
  • A business that can convert the lead to a paying customer acquires it and pays the original business that put it up on LeadCoin


The web marketing space has always been in need of a fair and secure means of lead generation, and LeadCoin is just what is required. Using blockchain, the economy of web marketing is accelerating and businesses are being empowered by taking back the control of the quality of their marketing activities.


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