LBank Weekly Listing Report, January 17th, 2022

LBank, a world-class digital asset exchange, is committed to offering its customers high-quality projects in which they may invest their time and money. This week’s intriguing new listings and a recap of those released last week are presented in this LBank Exchange weekly report, giving consumers additional information to assist them in better grasping such rare prospects.

New Listings on LBank Exchange Scheduled this week starting on January 17th

For a complete list, please follow our Twitter @LBank_Exchange.

Project: WOOP

Listing date: January 17th.

Keywords: NFT, listed on gate, xt, pancake, dodo, BSC

Official Website:

About: is a Metasocial Network. In other words, it is a Decentralized Social Network where all postings are turned into NFTs directly by users, who retain complete ownership and control of their material, and IPFS (interplanetary file system) is used to store the information on the users’ computers rather than a central server.

This allows for establishing a worldwide, decentralized database of content producers, influencers, and talent to communicate with one another and develop new methods to monetize their work.

Project: DXB

Listing date: January 17th.

Keywords: listed on pancake, BSC

Official Website:


For merchants and customers alike, DXBPay is developing a payment model that uses cross-chain capabilities to meet the interests of both parties and provide an online payment gateway that is safe and secure.

Merchants like Amazon, Uber,, and others who conduct large-scale, high-speed transactions will utilize DXBPay’s final product.

Project: BES

Listing date: January 20th.

Keywords: NFT, ERC20

Official Website:


As a platform for esports and blockchain innovation, Libes has the potential to improve player economic activity, create new forms of amusement for users, and establish the groundwork for further growth.

Corporate sponsors now control the majority of the esports sector. Aside from earning financial rewards in corporate-sponsored events and becoming billboards for corporate sponsors, esports athletes have been allowed to participate in relatively limited economic activity. In order to deal with this issue, BES Token x LIBES came into existence.

Project: CRFI

Listing date: January 20th.

Keywords: listed on Bittrex, Uniswap, Pancake, DODO, Sakeswap, BSC

Official Website:


Interoperability between chains is made possible by CrossFi’s multi-asset adapter protocol, which frees up assets that are now stranded on illiquid infrastructure. The CrossFi platform’s goal is to enable anybody to build synthetic assets on the Ethereum blockchain that are a derivative of their own assets on any other infrastructure if those assets are staked and collateralized via the platform.

Project: CLIFF

Listing date: January 20th.

Keywords: MEME, listed on Uni, bitmart, ERC20

Official Website:


An extremely deflationary Ethereum Blockchain token, $CLIFF, is always increasing in value due to real deflationary tactics and additional revenue creation. At the heart of CLIFF ($CLIFF) is a vibrant community that provides a gateway to multiple reward opportunities.

Project: STEP

Listing date: January 21st.

Keywords: MEME, listed on pancake, BSC

Official Website:


The Step makes it simple to be in shape while still earning crypto. Using it is similar to going to the gym and being rewarded for every move one makes. If users walk a certain number of steps each day, it will pay them in crypto accordingly. Users can improve and focus on their health while gaining wealth.

Summary of Last Week’s Listings – January 10th to January 16th, 2021


Weekly gain: 477%

Official Website:

Name: AUC

Weekly gain: 283%

Official Website:

Name: TMT

Weekly gain: 253%

Official Website:

Name: PMG

Weekly gain: 67%

Official Website:

Name: CSX

Weekly gain: 45%

Official Website:

Name: EXFI

Weekly gain: 42%

Official Website:

Name: CURE

Weekly gain: 29%

Official Website:

Name: MAXR

Official Website:

Name: ANN

Official Website:


Official Website:

Name: COMT

Official Website:


Official Website:

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