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LBank Weekly Listing Report, 6th June 2022


As a world class digital asset exchange, LBank continues to focus on providing its users quality projects to participate in. Here is a weekly report made by LBank Exchange presenting this week’s exciting new listings and a summary of the ones listed last week, offering users more information to help better understand these unique opportunities.


New Listings on LBank Exchange

Scheduled this week starting on 6th June.

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  • Listing date: 6th June
  • Key words: DAO, NFT, Litsted on TraderJoe, AVAX
  • Official Website:
  • About:

JPEG token is the first cryptocurrency backed by NFTs. By owning JPEG you share ownership and utility of the NFTs held by The Vault. Each time an NFT sale happens, the benefits are redistributed among the holders according to the number of token they hold. Passive income are shared with the JPEG holders and NFTs can be used by the community to enjoy their benefits such as P2E access. The project’s goal is to move toward a fully functional DAO and all the important decisions are already discussed with the community and submitted to votes. By entering the JPEG ecosystem you’ll get access to a community of dedicated people willing to get the best of the NFT space and that are happy to learn and share their knowledge with others.

Project: CTL

Coution-Live CTL Coin allows you to pay for live streaming and give gifts to copyright holders.

The goal of Coution Live is to create a world where global communities can practice donations and share across countries under the slogan “WE ALL ARE ONE” in a terrible world of COVID-19 and war with fandom around the globe.

NFT.RICH, which is a membership benefit of CTL Coin, is available as an offline concert and festival ticket and can be resold or kept as a souvenir. In the existing NFT, if it is resold like a product, it only received the product’s sales price, but NFT.RICH guarantees the rights of creators and automatically imposes copyright fees. NFT.RICH may also contribute proceeds from the sale. If you donate the proceeds from the sale, the amount is donated to a non-profit donation organization.


Project: 7PXS

  • Listing date: 7th June
  • Key words: NFT, Initial listing, BSC
  • Official Website:
  • About:

7Pixels token (7PXS) is the native token of 7Pixels which is a NFT marketplace which is built on the foundation to bring the democratization of the Digital Art world which is driven by NFTs. The mission of 7Pixels is to open up the vast potential within the Metaverse and NFT niche to maximize value for every user.


Project: HITOP

  • Listing date: 8th June
  • Key words: Others, Listed on XT, ERC20
  • Official Website:
  • About:

HITOP – Blockchain based smart commerce app that allows you to use live commerce and smart commerce without space restrictions & HITOP aim to Expanding from blockchain-based integrated point platfrom to transaction and CRM solutions that can be used at all merchants, positioning as Indonesia’s leading smart commerce & order platfrom.


Project: BGC

  • Listing date: 8th June
  • Key words: GAMEFI, Listed on bitglobal, ERC20
  • Official Website:
  • About:

Be Gaming Station is a comprehensive platform that provides various entertainment contents such as blockchain games.


Project: M1VERSE

  • Listing date: 8th June
  • Key words: Metaverse, Listed on pancakeswap, BSC
  • Official Website:
  • About:

LeisureMetaverse issued its own utility token, LM token to energize trade of NFTs and increase the valuation of NFTs.  LeisureMetaverse operates its own blockchain, but the LM token in LeisureMetaverse and the ERC20 LM token on Ethereum are interchangeable through the gateway between LeisureMetaverse and Ethereum.

As an NFT minting & trading DAO platform, the Leisure metaverse platform is designed to overcome limitations of existing blockchain platforms such as scalability, gas fee and awkward UX.


Project: TBC

Turbochain is an entertainment securities-type blockchain ecosystem platform with no fees for users who build NFTs and metaverses based on the rich IP of the parent company that has been leading the animation and character market for more than 25 years.


Project: SRCX

Source Token (SRCX) is Source Protocol’s first automated liquidity acquisition and DeFi market participation token built on Binance Smart Chain. Engineered to drive solvency and self-sustainability, SRCX rewards participants by-the-block with automated Loyalty and Yield Echoes.


Summary of Last Week’s Listings – May 30th to June 5th, 2022

















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