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LBank Ventures Into the Metaverse to Educate and Propel Crypto Adoption

The purported ‘future of the internet,’ Web3, has set the building block for innovative use cases on the metaverse. As such, trading platforms like LBank, a top cryptocurrency exchange, are primed to present their users with unlimited access to the latest feat of blockchain technology.

LBank, a top cryptocurrency exchange, is set to launch a decentralized metaverse universe on Bloktopia where users can immerse themselves in the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) 3D environment.

Users will also be able to explore the LBank virtual office, giving them a distinct view of the HeadQuarters of the world’s leading exchange. In addition, the crypto community can rest assured of a space where they can interact, host meetings, and learn.

LBank also partnered with Radio Caca to build virtual billboards in the metaverse that includes an NFT of the exchange’s official new logos, videos, and pictures. With this collaboration, LBank community members can participate in various social activities, and projects can put their ads on the billboards, which will be located in places with good traffic in the metaverse.

LBank aims to encourage more education and adoption by captivating the interests of the next generations and people with access to the internet in the interactive space yet to be fully tapped.

“The major factor behind this project is to educate and increase adoption. LBank’s goal is to help users to better understand cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and its potentials through an interactive metaverse space,” Allen Wei, CEO of LBank, states.

He adds that “the metaverse will be truly immersive. It will give users a sense of ownership and could subsequently drive adoption as more people notice how it can fundamentally alter the way we view things, interact with one another, and collaborate.”

In the future, LBank hopes to bring even more utility into the metaverse as the multi-billion sector continues to capture the minds of users globally. It is anticipated that the LBank metaverse will become a hub for users to experience the best of cryptocurrency and the virtual world all at once.

Furthermore, the synergy between cryptocurrency and the virtual world will be brought to the fore as the trading platform builds a truly transparent infrastructure that will impact society. By doing this, cryptocurrency could break into the mainstream as more people get involved and utilize all the possibilities the metaverse has to offer.

About LBank

LBank is a top cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2015 for buying, selling, receiving, and storing Bitcoin and other digital currencies. It provides its 7 million + users with a secure trading platform and the lowest transaction fees.

The platform supports more than 800+ trading pairs and 149+ fiat currencies. It offers services around crypto trading, specialized financial derivatives, and professional asset management services.

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