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LBank Continues Its Strides in Nigeria With “Abuja Blockchain Konnect 2022”

LBank Continues Its Strides in Nigeria With “Abuja Blockchain Konnect 2022”

LBank has conducted another blockchain training event in Nigeria in partnership with Litedex Protocol. As part of its efforts to drive development and adoption of blockchain technology in Nigeria, LBank, the top crypto exchange, recently organised “Abuja Blockchain Konnect 2022.”


LBank believes that blockchain is a hot topic and sees it as an opportunity to drive the growth in emerging communities such as Nigeria which is part of the largest countries in Africa  leveraging blockchain technology.


Building on the success of its previous event in Port Harcourt, LBank took its educational effort to the capital city this time. The event was held on the 23rd of April at Work and Connect in Jabi, Abuja.


During the conference, LBank’s CEO, Allen Wei, announced its next big step forward in Africa’s blockchain future. He also stated that LBank will always bring together the most knowledgeable experts from around the globe to share their knowledge of blockchain technology in Nigeria.


“Our vision is to build a major blockchain ecosystem in Nigeria for the next generation of entrepreneurs,” Allen declares. More so, LBank has made its mark on the blockchain industry since 2015 and has since then operated on a global scale. Educating its communities at all levels is a top agenda of the exchange.


In particular, Stanley Golomo, CEO of Farmchain spoke on the future of blockchain in Nigeria. He stated how blockchain can help solve existing problems in different industries ranging from health to education.


Litedex Protocol (LDX) had a session with the audience as they did a video presentation and explanation. Participants learned more about the LBank platform and other features coming up in the future.


Afterwards, a panel session with 5 distinguished panellists took place. Six tech businesses pitched their business ideas and the winner VENDORMART TECH went home with a grant.


LBank has been committed to the acceleration of the application of blockchain technology in Nigeria. The one-day conference brought together global experts in the blockchain to present their ideas on how blockchain technologies will shape the future economy of Nigeria and the world.


Since its launch, LBank has delivered thousands of blockchain-based financial services to millions of users from across Africa. With the most advanced IT technology and an extensive understanding of digital currency and blockchain, LBank has become the world’s top 20 digital asset trading platform, with more than 7 million users from over 200 countries and regions.


The conference venue was filled with an audience across Nigeria’s blockchain and crypto community who had come to listen to the various speakers that were present. The audience was introduced to blockchain technology, how it works, and its potential uses in a variety of spheres.


Altogether, the event featured a business pitch competition session, panel session, chats/feedback, live speeches, interviews, etc. people went home with lots of gifts from LBank as a symbol of appreciation for their attendance.


In a move that is bound to strengthen blockchain technology across Africa, LBank which is a leading and most secure crypto exchange says its plans to continue hosting successful educational conferences across Africa and beyond.


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