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LBank Brings the Turkish Crypto Community Together for a Summer Meet-up


The crypto community in Turkey were once again invited to an exquisite 4-day summer meet-up by the world’s leading trading platform, LBank. The event was held at İzmir, Foça and was an amazing blend of crypto education, music, drinks, and food.

Hundreds of students from various universities, LBank’s partners and influencers were in attendance to enjoy the crypto-themed summer camp while many had the opportunity to interact with other blockchain experts, developers and crypto believers.

With an array of super dope attendees, an astounding venue and the sun shining bright, Day 1 of the event started with an assembly of the blockchain community from different universities, payment gateways, blockchain Influencers and other community members.

Furthermore, Allen Wei, the CEO of LBank, expressed his excitement about the event. He noted that “it is important that the community meet and interact with each other often within a relaxed environment as we work towards building a stronger and better ecosystem.”

The second day was fun-filled with an infusion of learning as keynote speakers spoke on “Being a Trader in the Bear Season.” Consequently, a trade workshop was held and after the training, the communities shared their crypto experiences with the speakers.

Everything and everyone was lit at this meet-up. There was a lot of excitement around cryptocurrency in general, with people chatting about the metaverse, digital assets and so on.

The third day of the event started with an insightful lecture by a veteran NFT designer on “NFTs and Blockchain Literacy.” After the training, people enjoyed the sea during a volleyball tournament that took place during the day and prizes were awarded to the winners.

Redbull also added colour to the summer camp as participants sipped energy drinks to cool off.

The grand finale of the summer camp was delightful, according to attendees. LBank went over and above to ensure everyone had a great time with activities which included; a yoga session, a workshop on “Blockchain Entrepreneurship,” a learning symposium, colour fest and an epic closing afterparty.

Overall, it was a good networking opportunity for everyone, with a closing night party to seal each day. This event was important to the community as it was one of a kind event that brought together a large number of crypto believers from varying sectors.


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LBank Exchange, founded in 2015, is an innovative global trading platform for various crypto assets. LBank Exchange provides its users safe crypto trading, specialised financial derivatives, and professional asset management services. It has become one of the most popular and trusted crypto trading platforms with over 7 million users from more than 210 regions around the world.

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