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Layer One X Introduces Revolutionary Solution for Blockchain Collaboration

Layer One X Introduces Revolutionary Solution for Blockchain Collaboration

Perth, Australia – Layer One X, a leading blockchain startup, announced today its mission to address the current limitations of blockchain systems. The current vulnerabilities of web3 are largely due to the fact that blockchains are not built to collaborate. Current solutions like bridges make the infrastructure fragile and vulnerable to attack.

Different blockchain systems can’t work together because they don’t speak the same language, which results in limits on what can be done with blockchain tech. Additionally, slow and inefficient processes prevent innovation, mass adoption, and use cases.

To solve these problems, Layer One X has created its own virtual machine called the L1X.VM, which allows different blockchains to communicate with each other. The L1X.VM allows assets to be exchanged safely and efficiently, and everyone can see what’s happening without anyone having control over it.

Layer One X also introduces X-Talk, which enables the sharing and use of data between different blockchain networks, and the transfer of digital assets and execution of smart contracts across chains without a third party controlling the assets. This solution makes the process more transparent and trustworthy, and because it’s decentralized, there’s no need to rely on bridges, anyone else’s infrastructure or understanding of the transaction.

“Layer One X is committed to creating solutions that encourage collaboration, innovation, and mass adoption of blockchain technology,” said Founder Kevin Coutinho. “Our revolutionary solution is poised to change the way assets are exchanged in the blockchain ecosystem.”

Layer One X is dedicated to addressing the problems with blockchain technology and providing innovative solutions that will benefit the entire industry. For more information about Layer One X and their ground breaking solution, visit their website or socials 

About Layer One X:

Layer One X is a leading blockchain startup that is addressing the current limitations of blockchain systems. With their revolutionary L1X.VM and X-Talk solutions, Layer One X is creating a new standard for blockchain collaboration. The blockchain industry has long battled the three-pronged problem of scalability, security, and decentralisation. The trilemma is a problem many blockchain networks are attempting to solve.

The Layer One X team recognises that compatibility has historically been overlooked, nevertheless. They have used their innovative methods and creative thinking to find solutions to all 4 issues. Layer One X is highly scalable because to its usage of the Rust programming language, which provides it a TPS of over 100,000 and a minimal transaction charge. The security provided by Layer One X’s hybrid Proof-of-Participation and Proof-of-Stake consensus is unparalleled. In addition, employing mobile devices as partial validation nodes allows Layer One X to deploy nodes and validators quickly and in large numbers for extreme decentralisation.

The main objective of Layer One X is to enable previously incompatible chains to ultimately cooperate instead than competing with other blockchains. Users will be able to access a greater variety of applications, services, and assets across various blockchain networks owing to the enhanced flexibility and accessibility this will provide. Moreover, Layer One X was developed to be a truly decentralised, permissionless, and secure blockchain enabling micro-validation and tokenisation.

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