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Laundry masher Reviews (updated): All You Need To Know About Laundry Masher

Laundry masher

We’re here to tell you about the laundry ball. So we’ve got to pick the best. The laundry masher is our top pick today and it is fast becoming the best seller this year. Recent reports showed that thousands have been sold and the number is still counting.

Truly, laundry detergents have come to stay despite their notable side effects. Some of them are even fairly priced than laundry balls though it depends on where you are buying and the brand you love to use.

Of course, there is a lot of improvement now. Some manufacturers claimed that their brand is user-friendly and has no side effects like magic laundry balls.

The truth remains the same: there are elements of toxic chemicals in those detergents. Sure, they are far from being natural despite the improvement claims.

Yes, laundry balls have taken the laundry department by storm. The idea looks better but there is a serious issue. Which one will I pick? Some do break inside while in use, and some are not worth it. 

Yes, a single laundry masher is composed of several tiny bio-ceramic balls which contain several alkalies, chlorine removal, and far-infrared properties that wash your clothes the Natural way.

Don’t worry, we’re here with you. We trusted the laundry masher more than the others. It passed all our tests and users are extremely satisfied with it.


The laundry masher is a laundry ball used in place of chemical-based laundry detergents. It is completely free from any toxic chemicals and was designed by experts after extensive research.

From the manufacturer, it is made from nanosilver-infused ceramic beads that have been tested to be antimicrobial, capable of killing bacteria and removing odors. It is reusable, compact, and lightweight as well.

According to some reliable reviews, it is the best natural alternative to laundry detergents and pods. Unlike most detergents and laundry pods that attack the skin negatively, leading to rashes, and hives, it has no side effects, and it is entirely safe to use.

It has two shapes: grenade and pineapple. It doesn’t break, unlike some low-quality laundry balls. From our experience, it becomes tougher enough after a few uses and can withstand all the tumbling and vibration in the washing machine.

It is very effective in removing stains and dirtiness which means that you don’t need hot water to wash away deep stains. Hence, it saves energy and time.

It has been tested and can be used more than 200 times without reducing its efficiency. It also has several scents which will make your clothes look cool.

Sadly, people still doubt the effectiveness of laundry balls. They are real and very effective though it depends on the brand you are using. We picked the laundry masher for you today, try it, you won’t regret it. Many people are now believers. We are patiently waiting for your testimonies.


What happened inside the washing machine is amazing.

Here is a summary of it.

When you throw the laundry masher inside, the ceramic beads attack the water, reducing the negative ions, which creates a natural effect similar to hydrogen peroxide.

They also adjust the pH level of water which helps to remove dirt, stains, and germs from your clothes. It is completely natural and doesn’t require any additional detergents.


Laundry mashers are produced as a direct substitute for some toxic chemicals-based detergents.

Things like eco-friendly laundry detergents have been invented and a lot of customers are happy with them. Indeed, there are a lot of improvements from the manufacturer’s end. 

However, many detergent use things like surfactants (chemical solutions that help water penetrate the fabric), and phosphates and some even contain carcinogens that irritate the skin and endanger our health.

We’ve also seen organic laundry detergents which represent a natural solution from their name but it is not really. Many contain chemicals but some manufacturers are too fast to use the word organic and many people have been buying without thinking twice. 

Another truth is that things are changing and we are hoping to see better detergents. 

Coming to the laundry balls. Unfortunately, we’ve not used many brands, laundry masher is one of the recent brands we have tested. It works fine, is free from hazardous chemicals, is reliable, and eco-friendly.

It is compatible with all washing machines and suitable in all types of fabric, even the most dedicated fabrics like silk and wool. No additional detergent is needed or fabric softener. It does the work alone.

We’re not here to condemn any detergent or to promote another solution, rather we’ve come to tell you about another solution that might help you. A laundry masher is a great solution and it is becoming a must-have in every home.

Please don’t browse away from this site looking for this product. We’ve got everything you need. Don’t worry, you can get it at an amazing price if you opt to buy it today.


Using a laundry masher is straightforward. Anyone who never used it before should have no issues using it.

Here are the steps:

When your newly purchase it, soak it in water for about 30 minutes then throw it in the washing machine, you might use warm water, switch on the washing machine and start washing your clothes.

After washing, place it in sunlight once a month or twice a month to recharge it.

A single ball can comfortably wash up to 1500 washing loads at once. It is available in many shapes and sizes as well and has more than 200 washing cycles.


If you are the type that is tired of buying detergents anytime you want to wash. Then again, the laundry masher is the best for you.

Though we’ve not used it up to 200 times many experts have said and confirmed that a single unit can survive 200 washing times even at the highest washing loads.

This is no exaggeration, it is a game-changer and you are lucky to have seen it today. It takes laundry to another level. It prevents your clothes from being damaged, entwined, or twisted.


In general, all laundry balls are safe to use and the laundry masher is no exception. 

From trusted reviews, it contains no harmful substances that will endanger your life and our environment. It is advertised as being 100% natural.

Most reports have it that laundry detergents attack some fabrics in the long run, and some attack human skins, kill aquatic animals if disposed of carelessly, change the color of some clothes and weaken the clothes.

Laundry mashers are safe for all types of fabric and can be used to wash your delicate materials.

Picking a laundry masher today might be another thing you got right this year. Safety is the major issue we have with laundry detergents and pods, and that is why experts invented laundry balls.

See, you aren’t making another mistake, it is one of the best laundry balls, and the cheapest as well. You can try one today, you can also return it if you are not completely satisfied.


The laundry masher is selling like hotcakes again. 

Here are reasons why you should switch to it today:

Free Of Chemicals

If you are avoiding detergents due to their nature(chemical composition), then again, a laundry masher is made for you. This magical laundry ball is safe to use and harmless.


It is environmentally friendly as it is made from reusable materials (rubber) unlike detergents. They also save water because they don’t contaminate it after washing.

Allergen free

Here is another selling point. It is best for people with sensitive skin and other allergies. It is a must-have for people with eczema and psoriasis.


Initially, you might think that it costs much but when you remember that one unit can be used up to 200 times you will give it a second thought. Laundry mashers are far better in terms of the overall cost.

Reduce drying time

Like most laundry balls, clothes washed with them dry faster than others. This is another magic here.

Safe for clothes

People do complain that their clothes are depreciating faster not knowing that they were using the wrong solution. A laundry masher has no negative impact on your clothes. material and colors of clothes are not affected by it. The clothes also come out cleaner and softer.


Height 107 mm and Width 63 mm

Shock-absorbing thermoplastic rubber (TPR) external with polypropylene (PP) mesh core release style decreases disclosure

Product Size: 63 x 107 x 63mm

Item Weight: 99.3g


  • Can be used in hard and soft water
  • Conserve energy
  • Saves water
  • Doesn’t use perfumes
  • Several scent options
  • Cheaper
  • It reduces the pressing or ironing of clothes 
  • It works on all temperatures settings
  • Can be used several times


  • Can be used in the washing machine only
  • 2: Available only online at the company’s official website
  • 3: You might need More than one
  • 4: Limited stock


The laundry masher is fairly priced despite its unique features.

As of today, one unit costs $24.95 which is the best price you can see now for comparable products.

It doesn’t even end there, here are another three amazing deals for you today:

Two units of laundry masher cost $49.99

Three units of laundry masher cost $55.99

Three units of laundry masher cost $68.99

However, this is a discounted price and the company might remove it at any moment without notice. 


The laundry masher is exclusively sold online at the official website.

Don’t worry, the company has put everything in place for you. They also have several payment methods for you as well.


According to the seller and the manufacturer, all orders placed on their official website are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, your refund will be processed if you received a damaged product or another product other than what you ordered 

You can as well return it but must be in the form you received it and must be returned to the return facility address provided by their customer care services.

Other than the above conditions, your refund may not be processed.


If you are looking for more information on Laundry Masher or need help then our award-winning customer service agents are standing by to assist you!

Contact Laundry Masher

By Email:

By Phone:

United States & Canada: 866 206 1533

United Kingdom & Ireland: 03308 180912

Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5003


Kasa Lavanderia Limited



If you are having a double mind, be calming down. A lot has been sold out and users are extremely satisfied with it. 

Here are what they have to say about it:

Vanessa G. Rockford, Illinois says: “sincerely speaking, I haven’t seen anything coming close. Indeed, I haven’t tried many brands but I’m convinced that this is right for me”.

Stan P. Duluth, Minnesota says: “I was convinced by a friend. Initially, I never believed in such a solution but I might give it a second thought.”

Kim T. Santa says:

“My maid is sensitive to most brands of laundry detergent. A friend suggested I try a Laundry ball.  After protracted research, I was convinced that a laundry masher is okay for me”


For me and my editorial teams, the laundry masher is another unique solution for you. It is a direct substitute for laundry detergents.

Remember that millions can’t just get it wrong at the same time.

The laundry masher is for everyone. Don’t be left out today. 

We are convinced, to try it and see why we spent so much time on it.

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