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To build a brand, regardless of the size and industry, is to establish and present your branding elements in a way that defines who you are as a business.

For example, when you design a logo, you’re not just selling a beautiful picture. You are also selling a story, a brand narrative. This is the story that plays in your customers’ minds every time they remember or recognize you.

A logo is just one piece of the puzzle. Your job is to complete the puzzle, the big picture of who and what your brand is, with several branding materials that come together to consistently tell your story.

And is the home and source of every single branding element you need to make your business shine like the star it is. is a logo maker and brand-building platform that helps businesses set-up and launch their brand.

The platform guides you through the brand-building process from start to finish, including maintenance services to ensure that your brand materials are safely secured and easily accessible.


Logo Creation: Comprehensive Customization


Most logo designs flourish in simplicity and substance. The logo maker takes this into account and grants you full customization opportunities while maintaining a stable design.

You have full access and complete customization of:

  • Colors – You are in total control of each and every color present in the logo, including text, elements, and background.
  • Fonts – You can choose from a vast collection of fonts that best exemplify the tone of your brand and logo.
  • Icons – Whatever icon you’re looking for, has it. Simply enter a relevant keyword and the platform will generate an endless list of icons.
  • Various designs – If you like your logo but want to see it in different variations, can switch it up for you in a different design with core elements intact.

These benefits are merely a dip in the pond in the grand scheme of the logo maker.

The logo maker was designed to automatically incorporate design principles with pre-set containers, spacing, layers, etc. to ensure that you avoid designing a cluttered logo. This provides you with an unparalleled balance of beauty and functionality.

The best part? Getting started is just as easy. All you need to do is input your business details, choose among the ready-made logo templates, and start customizing to your heart’s content.

At the end of the road, you receive full access to your logo design, including different formats and social media files to help you prepare and launch your brand for the world to see.


Brand Plan: Get Your Business Off The Ground

One of the website’s most notable features is the Brand Plan, a collection of various tools that offer you benefits and assistance as you build your brand from scratch.

Every asset in the Brand Plan is pre-filled with the logo you just created, allowing you to conveniently curate your branding materials in one place.

The Brand Plan offers you these benefits:

  • Unlimited edits to your logo. Businesses move forward, and you may want a logo redesign that further aligns with your new direction. You can make edits to your logo at any time and conveniently modify other materials to reflect your new design.
  • Social media creator (Stitch). You’re taken care of every step of the way, including the end when it’s time to promote and show off your brand. Stitch is a social media creator that lets you curate effective posts (with your logo) for your social media channels.

  • Email signature maker. You can easily choose an email signature template that features your logo and other details beautifully. Every email becomes a new opportunity for recognition and awareness.
  • Business card maker. Establish your business on paper with an intricate, dual-sided business card design that you can print and start handing out.

  • Brand guidelines. Every detail of your branding is map out on and ready for you to share with partners or customers to ensure that they represent your business correctly.
  • Brand showcase. Feedback is a business’s greatest teacher. You can conveniently share your branding elements with your peers for critique (or admire).
  • Lifetime brand backup. No matter what happens, your brand and marketing collateral are 100% protect at for easy access.

The Brand Plan is a stepping stone to powerful long-term results. It is a treasure trove of resources that your business will need every step of the way. Instead of running to various places to collect different branding materials, do it in the one place that does it right.

Stitch: Build Your Brand Presence Online

Above all, the Brand Plan poses an undeniable benefit that takes care of your business needs after you’ve secured your logo.

You get instant access to Stitch, a social media creator that allows you to design beautiful social media posts to publish on your social media channels.

Stitch is an all-in-one brand-building tool with a mission to get your social posts ready to publish. On whatever channel you need them, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

You have the option to choose among different layouts and start putting together posts for any and all purposes.

You can easily curate and customize the design with its simple drag-and-drop interface, which you can use on different stock images, shapes, texts, colors — whatever you want — to develop a cohesive post for your business channel. is your ultimate brand-building guide, from your origin story to your success story.


Launch Your Brand Today

Say goodbye to scrambling to different places to secure your branding requirements. It’s all at home with

This is precisely what makes special; they do all the heavy lifting for you. The only thing you need to do is understand the message you want to convey. When you know it, you have every tool at your disposal to make it a reality.


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