LATOKEN Will Double Power Cash Purchases that are Made during the Live VCTV Show.


LATOKEN exchange announces an upcoming VCTV show in partnership with Power Cash that allows traders to get 2x PRCH for the purchases made during the airing of the show. 

LATOKEN will double the PRCH purchases to traders who buy between 100-200 PRCH during the live show on July 2nd, 10am UK time. In order to qualify for the offer, (1) the purchases must be made during the show and (2) the purchases must be between 100 and 200 PRCH. 

The purchases that are made outside the airing of the show, or different than the specified amount of the PRCH, do not qualify for the offer. 

As an example, if a trader purchases 200 PRCH during the show, they will end up with 400 PRCH in total. 200 is the amount that was paid by the trader, and the remaining 200 is going to be a bonus from the LATOKEN and Power Cash team. 

This giveaway is going to be part of the elaborate discussion with the Power Cash team during the VCTV show. In addition to the giveaway, crypto traders interested in cryptocurrencies can learn insights about PRCH and crypto-market trends. 

Interested individuals can participate in this live show and get double PRCH for their purchases of 100-200 PRCH during the show on July 2nd, at 10am UK-time, through this link.  


LATOKEN, an international cryptocurrency exchange and IEO platform with over 

1 500 000 users across the world, is one of the few exchanges to list QNT tokens. 

LATOKEN, a leading crypto exchange, makes investing and payments easy and safe worldwide. LATOKEN brings trading and banking to blockchain technology to automate transaction processing and save billions of work hours per year. A single year after its initial launch, LATOKEN got over 750k downloads on Google Play and over 1 400 000 followers on socials. Entrepreneurs looking for funding can consider the LATOKEN IEO Launchpad. There are 240+ digital assets available for traders with the option to connect using RESTful or WebSocket APIs on the LATOKEN platform. In addition, LATOKEN is planning to launch its own NFT Marketplace.

About VCTV

VCTV is LATOKEN’s YouTube channel that provides a series of internet TV programs about the news in the crypto space, as well as the upcoming listed coins and projects. Featuring Venture Capital and Investors globally. There are several shows everyday on the VCTV channel that discuss the most relevant trends, news, and crypto projects. In order to get the most recent insights about the emerging technologies and cryptocurrencies, go to the VCTV official channel on YouTube, here

About Power Cash

Power Cash (PRCH) is a TRON-based cryptocurrency token intended to be backed by physical assets in the construction and real estate industry. PRCH establishes an intimate relationship between property asset management and blockchain technology in the context of financial services that facilitate transactions, trading and so forth. It delivers instant settlements with nearly fee-less P2P transactions, giving opportunity for smart contracts with the versatility to execute customized deliverables based on the level of project.

The PRCH token allows exposure to pre-sales, staking and equity-backed opportunities that connect vendors with buyers in partnership with Power Cash. Large sum transactions related to property in both the commercial and residential space can be facilitated using the PRCH blockchain. Builders, developers and purchasers alike can be connected cross-chain, making it easy to transact on any smart contract networks with TRON capability, making transaction rules far more versatile.

Token holders will have access to a digital platform, allowing them to manage their own portfolio containing their own set of contracts, agreements and self-governed financial services, whether at the level of an individual, property firm or commercial enterprise. This network provides security and efficiency, backed by a basket of services based on these partnerships, and as the community grows, so does the liquidity that stabilizes and secures the tokenomics of PRCH.

This ecosystem is based on decentralized governance, incentivizing participants to gain early exposure to help determine the outcome of a project. It is these factors in combination with blockchain technology that will propel this industry into the era of quantum economics.

Disclaimer: LATOKEN does not provide investment, tax, legal or accounting advice. This article is written for informational purposes only. Like many other assets, cryptocurrencies are subject to high market risk. Please trade with caution.

The information about PRCH is claimed by PowerCash and might need citations and verification.

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