LATOKEN To Launch Cryptocurrency Staking With APY Up To 78%


LATOKEN exchange app with a 23Х growth of acquired traders in less than a year and a rating of 4.5 in Google Play has announced its platform’s new feature. It allows cryptocurrency traders to get interest on selected cryptocurrencies like bank deposits but with a much higher annual percentage yield.

How your Tokens can bring you 78% APY

Traders might wonder how they can make such a high APY on tokens and what Staking is. Because such a high APY is unmatched by the majority of the yields that deposits, investment in commodities, and stock might bring. And on top of that, the APY is guaranteed. That means you can make a higher interest than you would do on such assets like most commodities, bank interest rates, and the majority of stocks.

So how Staking actually works. Basically, it’s a mechanism the majority of us are very familiar with. We have been using such a thing as bank deposits for more than a century. You put money, be it dollars, euros, or any other fiat currency, into a deposit account, wait, and get your interest at the end of the period, which you can withdraw and reinvest back into the deposit or spend at your discretion.

Staking from LATOKEN is the same, non-US traders can deposit tokens on a spot wallet for a fixed period to get interest. The duration of Staking can vary from 7 days to a year. 

Interest is made on the actual number of tokens and not on their monetary value. Suppose you decide to include 1000 tokens in Staking at an APY of 78%; you will receive 780 tokens as interest for staking at the end of the year. Moreover, it is incredibly convenient to follow your tokens’ growth as their number updates every second.

Even if the monetary value of your token falls by 20%, you’ll still make more money on Staking than a bank deposit.

The importance of staking as an investment approach

The growth of cryptocurrencies in recent years is unbelievable; such giants as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, NKN have received unprecedented growth in a matter of months. Even Goldman Sachs is planning to offer crypto investments to their clients. LATOKEN is going forwards with it early on and starts offering the cryptocurrency staking now:  the timing for such a launch is perfect as the popularity of crypto just keeps rising.

Staking on LATOKEN will allow non-US traders to cream off this general trend. If the token’s growth is 50% throughout the deposit and the APY is 78%, then the trader will receive 267% profit in monetary terms for the year. But let’s say right away, the growth of cryptocurrency is a general trend, the trend for the individual token may vary. The cost of the token itself may not only grow but also fall. On top of that, if the token shall lose only 20% of the value, e.a. you shall still be able to make a significant profit. However, the ability to return tokens early from the spot wallet will help minimize all the losses.

How Staking is beneficial to both traders and token issuers

Staking allows regulating the number of tokens in circulation, reducing the free supply of tokens on the platforms, increasing their value. Imagine a world where there are no bank deposits. The cost of fiat money will immediately depreciate since it will not make sense for people to keep their savings in a savings account, loan rates will go up, banks and those used to making money on a bank deposit will lose their source of income. The cryptocurrency market now is the same no deposit market, and Staking is the solution.

The first tokens supporting Staking on LATOKEN are ORE, REAP, SFM, and SDHC. Latoken reviews  adding the possibility of Staking is currently being discussed with other projects.


LATOKEN is a company founded by Valentin Preobrazhensky in 2017. The company is distinguished by high growth rates — the number of users of the LATOKEN mobile application has recently exceeded 500K, and the total number of accounts has exceeded 1,300,000.  The number of active traders increased twice in mere 3 months.

It is a cutting-edge exchange that makes investing and payments easy and safe worldwide. They are bringing trading and banking to a new generation of blockchain to automate transaction processing and save billions of work hours per year.

LATOKEN aims to automate capital markets with $150 tn daily trading volume and unlock the value of $200 tn illiquid assets. Their culture and skills are the keys to success in the highly competitive global capital markets.

LATOKEN mission is to connect investors and entrepreneurs globally: 

  1. Entrepreneurs looking for funding can consider the LATOKEN IEO Launchpad.
  2. Projects can list their tokens.
  3. Traders can access 350+ digital assets with the option of connecting using RESTful or WebSocket APIs, buy and sell top coins.
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