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These days you can find marketing agencies everywhere. With each agency claiming to be the best. But when it comes to actually choosing an agency, you need to look at their latest case studies. These case studies show off the agency’s past work and demonstrate their ability to complete the work you need in a successful manner.  

What Case Studies Tell You

Case studies are the best way to look at the exact strategies a company has used as well as the effectiveness of their processes. Beyond just looking at the case study information isn’t enough. See if the company has disclosed proof of what they’ve put into their case studies, such as screenshots from rankings and graphs from tracking tools. Most companies like to fake their case studies, so keep an eye out for proof.  

Why Link Building? 

Many people in the digital marketing space believe link building is just another part of SEO, but companies such as Perfect Link Building are probing them wrong.  Links from great websites can improve your brand’s visibility, credibility and help increase search engine rankings. This is what helps new visitors find your website and trust it as an authority in the industry you operate in. When link building is done right, it can cause many run-on benefits for your brand.  

What You Should Know About PLB

Perfect Link building has been doing links for over fifteen years. Run by a team of digital marketing experts, Perfect Link Building is set apart by their commitment to research and development. They know the online world changes often, and they know each Google algorithm change has repercussions that they need to remain aware of.  

So, let’s look into the case studies from one global leader, Perfect Link Building.  

Perfect Link Building’s Case Studies

Staffed by some of the world’s best SEO experts, Perfect Link Building is all about giving clients reliable results within any budget. These case studies show just that.  

NY Insurance Hub

408% Increase in SEO Visibility Growth 2 Months 

Who They Are: NY Insurance Hub is an American Independent Insurance Agency that represents a variety of companies for your insurance needs.  

Their Goals:

  •     Increase brand recognition at a local & national level.
  •     Bring revenue focused traffic to the website.
  •     Increase the company’s authority in the insurance industry. 
  •     Better the company’s Google ranking.
  •     Improve the company’ local search results.

The Results:

  •     408% SEO Visibility Growth in 2 Months
  •     #1 Rank on Google for best keywords
  •     #1 on Google Maps for local area

Worth Ross: 

1216% SEO Visibility Growth in 9 Months 

Who They Are: Worth Ross Management is a property management consultant based in Texas. They offer great property management services to a wide variety of clients.  

Their Goals:

  •     Better brand visibility in Texas.
  •     To generate profit-oriented traffic to the website.
  •     Increase the relevance of the brand in their industry. 
  •     Improve Google search ranks. 

The Results:

  •     1216% SEO Visibility growth in 9 months.
  •     #1 Rank on google for the best keywords.
  •     #1 Search Result on Google Maps.

Spill Station: 

1565 Increase in SEO Visibility in 6 Months 

Who They Are:  Spill Station is an Australian manufacturer and distributor of workplace safety equipment and are committed to keeping Australian workers, facilities and the environment safe.  

Their Goals:

  •     Increase brand exposure to grow the company at a national level. 
  •     Bring revenue focused traffic to the company website. 
  •     Increase the company’s brand reputation in the industry.
  •     Increase search result ranking.

The Results:

  •     156% SEO visibility growth in 6 months.
  •     Top ranks for the highest value keywords in 6 months.
  •     566% cost savings in paid search CPA.

Simply Merchandise: 

134% SEO Visibility Growth in 1 Month 

Who They Are: Simply Merchandise is an Australian wholesaler of promotional products and merchandise. The company produces solutions for branding and promotional needs for local businesses.  

Their Goals:

  •     Increase brand visibility at a local and national level.
  •     Bring profit focused traffic to the website.
  •     Improve the Google search & Maps rankings.
  •     Increase brand authority in the merchandise and promotions industry.

The Results:

  •     134% increase in SEO visibility growth in just 1 month.
  •     26 position increase in Google rankings in 1 month.
  •     No#1 Rank on google for the best keywords in 4 months.

You Should Have Expert Performance Too! 

Looking at the numbers above, it might seem impossible to get these results for yourself, but that is not the case. A dedicated team can be the difference between business growth for a few days to business growth for the future, and this is something the businesses above can attest to! 

All you need to do is work with the team at Perfect Link Building. You can find a list of all their services here, and all that’s left is to give them a call. 

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