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Learning a foreign language right from the comfort of your home is growing relatively fast these days. Some people seek useful and exciting ways to learn new languages, and others are genuinely looking for the perfect solution by creating educational mobile and web platforms. The fact is that the process is not easy to learn any foreign language, and it remains tiresome. With the rise of language learning apps, the process turns out to be seamless. Now, learning is pretty exciting and further easy for people trying out unlimited languages.

The latest market scene:

As per some recent studies, the development of a language learning app on a global platform is currently at a CAGR of around 18% as the prediction period between 2020 and 2024. The latest trend to help users in the field of digital language learning has been associated with AI-enabled chatbots. However, there are some top features to ponder while answering questions, like how to make a language learning app like Duolingo, written by Aimprosoft’s experts. Be sure to apply those features to your language learning mobile app for sure!

  • The log in or registration period:

You have to maintain the authorization system for building a language learning application. The user must answer some questions like email, name, age, and gender. They have to enter the password for entering the learning app. To make this entire process a lot easier, the app developer can further add authorizing the capacity with the help of social accounts.

  • The learn screen:

It is mainly a dashboard, which will help users follow their said achievements and add tools for the learning process. You have to make this dashboard simple to understand because, remember, some learners are technically challenged.

  • Learning procedure in the dashboard:

Whenever any user sets up a daily target, they need to perform specified numbers of exercises to get some points. The user will receive rewards by successfully meeting tasks and will use the reward points in the shop. Some of the apps offer multiple lessons. So, you can add those to make the learning app more exciting and interesting. Some of those are selecting images, selecting pairs of languages, translating the audio phrase, choosing precise translation between text options, choosing missing words, and more.

  • Focusing on achievements:

The learning screen or the dashboard must also help the users to check their current accomplishments. Some of those are crowds, gems, and even the user’s progress.

  • The user profile:

It is mandatory for the users to create accounts and then fill the elective profile with accurate data for using the language-based learning app. Some of the significant language learning apps are already focusing on information like individual’s identity like sex, age, and photo, the language they want to study, particularizing the level of language and setting up the daily target.

  • Going for settings and profile:

When it comes to personal user profiles, it consists of data related to the user and permitting him to check his progress in language training. Learn more about how to start an e-learning platform here to gain some improvements. Users can further edit their profiles by modifying their data or settings whenever the need arises.

  • The shop feature:

This is one crucial feature, which will offer reward gems amid language training into some actual purchases. Most of the reliable language learning apps have already used this tactic to help grow their user count. Moreover, these gems will not just be gathered as a reward but can further be purchased. So, if you are willing to develop one language learning app and planning to earn from it, make sure to add this “Shop” feature to it.

  • Online community:

One major part of language learning is to offer a user-based platform where they get to intercommunicate openly, like a forum. Here, users can come forward to discuss and exchange options and even lesson topics on multiple matters. The main goal is to enhance skill sets. So, try to add one such online community while crafting your language learning app.

Take time to visit this website and learn more about the features you need to incorporate while developing an educational app. You are up against some of the high-end marketing giants like Duolingo and more. So, you better be prepared beforehand.

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