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Landshare Announces Landmark CEX Listing Campaign

Landshare is revolutionizing the real estate investment landscape with its tokenized ecosystem, making real estate investments on the blockchain straightforward and accessible to a broader audience. With Landshare, you can own a share of a real-world property by simply holding Landshare RWA Tokens (LSRWA). Properties are managed on your behalf, and the income generated is reflected in the value of your tokens.

In a significant leap forward, Landshare has announced an extensive listing campaign for 2024 aimed at bringing its native token, LAND, to a wider audience. This initiative, which seeks to make real estate accessible to everyone, was greenlit by the Landshare DAO, an essential component of the ecosystem responsible for key decisions.

Prioritizing User Choice and Accessibility

Acknowledging the pivotal role decentralized exchanges (DEXes) play in the DeFi ecosystem, Landshare also understands the preference many investors have for the user-friendly nature of centralized exchanges (CEXes). With this in mind, Landshare is dedicated to offering its users a plethora of options for engaging with the LAND token, ensuring that buying, selling, and trading is accessible to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with blockchain technology.

Jordan Friske, the visionary CEO of Landshare, emphasizes the platform’s role as a bridge connecting the realms of traditional real estate and digital marketplaces. “Our CEX listing campaign is not just an expansion of our reach; it’s a fundamental step towards making our ecosystem universally accessible and streamlined for our community,” Friske explains.

This vision is further supported by Landshare’s recent collaboration with Swipelux, which facilitated an easy method for purchasing LAND tokens using traditional payment methods such as credit and debit cards, thereby making entry into the tokenized real estate market as straightforward as possible.

LAND Token Lands on MEXC Global

In an exciting development for Landshare and its community, the platform is proud to announce its partnership with MEXC Global, a leading figure among centralized exchanges known for its wide array of digital asset offerings, and unwavering dedication to security and user safety.

Key Dates for MEXC Listing:

  • Kickstarter Announcement: Set for April 4th, 2024, at 06:00 AM UTC, signaling a new era in accessible real estate investment.
  • LANDSHARE/USDT Trading: Beginning on April 5th, 2024, at 09:30 AM UTC, users will have the opportunity to trade LAND tokens against USDT, providing a seamless and efficient trading experience.

More Listings on the Horizon

The partnership with MEXC Global is just the start of an ambitious CEX listing campaign by Landshare, which aims to significantly increase the accessibility and liquidity of the LAND token. Landshare is actively working to establish more such partnerships, ensuring that real estate investment via blockchain is not just a novelty but a practical option for investors globally.

Landshare encourages its community and potential investors to stay tuned to its social media channels for upcoming announcements on future listings and partnerships. This proactive approach to expanding its reach is part of Landshare’s broader commitment to democratizing real estate investment, making it possible for a global audience to participate in the real estate market through the blockchain.

This initiative not only expands the horizons for real estate investment but also establishes Landshare as a trailblazer at the intersection of real estate and blockchain technology. By focusing on user choice, accessibility, and security, Landshare is redefining the standards for investing in real estate assets on the blockchain, promising a more inclusive and accessible future for investors around the world.

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