Landscaping Technology: How It’s Making Your Yard More Hands-off Every Day

How It’s Making Your Yard More Hands-off Every Day

In today’s landscaping scene, technology isn’t just a buzzword – it’s reshaping the entirety of outdoor living. From smart irrigation systems to cutting-edge lighting solutions, our yards are becoming smarter, more efficient, and downright cooler. So, let’s dive in and explore how these tech innovations are giving our exteriors a serious upgrade.

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Let’s talk about how tech is influencing smart water usage and outdoor lighting with sensors. Sensors can be used for a variety of measures like security, soil moisture, motion activity, & pest deterrent.

Sensory Technology for Gardening & Security

One of the earliest but still prominent residential outdoor technologies are motion sensors. Though some consider it mainly a security measure, motion sensor lights have dozens of applications for your exterior. Some of these include:

  • Hands-free lighting for general night chores like taking out the trash
  • Pest/large mammal deterrent
  • Trespassing/cut-through deterrent from people and kids
  • Letting the dog out/allowing the dog a few more minutes of lit outdoor time


As the years have gone on, light motion sensors have gotten increasingly more advanced. Many can now detect movement up to about 75 feet (23m) away. Some can light large backyards and side yards and can prevent trespassing people & kids from even entering the edges of your property.

Products from brands like Ring™ have ingrained our interactions with these products by allowing control & monitoring through phone apps. Many of their lights and cameras can be manipulated and observed remotely from your mobile devices. 

Landscape features can exhibit an entirely different feel at night time if hit with the right amount of light. Accent lighting for features like retaining walls, steps, and plants can go a long way to create a comforting vibe in the dark. Solar lighting for pathways and garden borders highlight the traversable areas of your yard at night, and can even be activated by motion. The rise of solar has made putting lights easy and accessible for almost any area of your yard. 


Motion lights and other sensors can help keep your gardens and mulch free of hoof marks and protect your garden plants from being eaten. Some can even monitor soil moisture and weather patterns, and water plants accordingly.

While motion flood lights can deter deer at times, it usually takes a little extra to spook them. Especially when they’re on the hunt for your delicious hosta plants & tomatoes. Motion activated sprinklers are a newer type of tech that can be employed for repelling mammal pests. They do exactly what you might think- upon detection of motion, the sprinklers abruptly turn on and scare any deer or other mammals that might be creeping into your yard for a late night snack. This is a humane and effective way to go one step further than motion lighting. 

Sensors for gardening have gone as far as moisture detection for your grass or garden plants. Some have integrated apps for your phone to monitor soil moisture and chart weather patterns to better know when to water, and when to save water. They stick a few inches into the ground and can relay information about moisture at different depths. Some even have solar, and never require powering. 

That about wraps it up. We hope you enjoyed exploring some of the newer outdoor tech and strategies to keep your property and gardens lit, watered, and secure. 

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