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Land of Conquest, an Upcoming Blockchain Game Set to Take GameFi by Storm, Announces Investment from Huobi Ventures

Land of Conquest, an Upcoming Blockchain Game Set to Take GameFi by Storm, Announces Investment from Huobi Ventures

Closed beta launching this August to a combined social media community of over 97,000

Hotly anticipated blockchain game Land of Conquest has announced that Huobi Ventures, a top VC in the crypto and GameFi space, signed on as the game’s lead investor. Other existing investors include PopFun, Mirana Ventures, C2, CCV, NGC Ventures, New Start Ventures, CryptoPhd, and K300 Venture.

“Huobi Ventures’ investment in Land of Conquest will go a long way toward helping us launch the game successfully, following our closed beta in August,” said Land of Conquest co-founder Ray Lee. “We are very happy to have Huobi come on board as our lead investor.”

The game’s development team is keenly focused on building a fun and engaging play-to-earn gaming experience and has reported that approximately 90 percent of the code is now complete. With a highly supportive community of more than 97,000 people across three social media channels, Land of Conquest is already primed for a strong launch.

“We believe that Land of Conquest is an excellent example of a game primed for success in the GameFi market, especially given their impressively wide pre-launch support. They’ve built the game around strong and proven play-to-earn mechanics, but with enough depth that Land of Conquest should make for quite a fun gaming experience,” said a Huobi Ventures representative.

Huobi Ventures is a VC arm of Huobi Group, which also operates the top-ten cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global. They have a mission to fund early-stage blockchain and crypto companies worldwide with US$100 million worth of investments within three years.

The Next Generation of MMO Simulation Games!

Land of Conquest is a play-to-earn GameFi MMOSLG — or multiplayer simulation game — set in an apocalyptic wasteland. Players can interact in a number of ways, from developing bases and resources to battling NPCs and other players with heroes that gain experience through play.

There are three kinds of NFTs in Land of Conquest — land, heroes, and fortress-boosting mechs — all of which play important roles in the game. Heroes can engage in PvP combat, while land owners work with other players to develop the game’s environment. There is also a free-to-play model that allows new players to enjoy PvE combat without having to pay a dime. All playstyles will reward the players with various in-game assets, such as resources, tokens, and NFTs.

“With so many different ways to play Land of Conquest and interact with each other, players will never be bored. We expect players will have a real sense of ownership in this game,” said Land of Conquest game producer Amore Wong. “It shouldn’t take long for players to start forming alliances and get involved in world-spanning alliance wars. It will be very exciting!”

The Land of Conquest team has more than a decade of experience developing top-notch games. Importantly, both Wong and Lee have been active in the GameFi scene since the concept was first ideated in 2018. Over the past four years, they have identified a very strong demand in the GameFi industry for quality gaming experiences, and they built Land of Conquest to fill this need.

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