Lanceria Set To Launch Crypto-Friendly Gig Freelancing Marketplace

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning in the fast-growing online freelancing industry as Lanceria, a gig-economy marketplace featuring AI functionality, is set to officially unveil their platform powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based LANC token. In a related development, Lanceria recently raised $1 million in presales of the platform’s native LANC token, with a scheduled launch on June 16th on DigiFinex.

While more and more people choose freelancing to have more flexibility and freedom, the current platforms eat an unfair share of their revenues and limit their payment options,” says Mihai Sebastian Sararu, CEO of Lanceria. “We’re going to change the power dynamic in the freelancing ecosystem, relieving the financial stress on the gig workers while also equipping their employers with more data-driven tools to optimize their hiring.”

The Global Freelancing Industry

There has been a steady increase in the demand for freelancers in recent times, as more businesses seek to leverage the advantages of hiring experts without necessarily having them in-house. The Covid-19 pandemic has particularly brought to bear the need to hire freelancers. The case is not particularly different in the United States, with a recent report by Statista projecting that freelancers will make up over 50% of the U.S. workforce by 2027.

The freelancing industry has not particularly harnessed the features and benefits of the digital currency space. Unfortunately, most of the available platforms have not met the needs of freelancers, parting with outrageous fees of as high as 20% of their earnings while buyers have to pay overhead and often lack the hiring decision-support tools to help them make an informed decision. However, the team at Lanceria is looking to change this narrative, with the recently concluded $1 million presales of LANC token further substantiating this claim.

Features of Lanceria

Lanceria is offering a new concept in the gig economy paradigm by creating a unique experience for freelancers and their clients. The platform significantly slashes commissions for all users while relieving freelancers of any fees, ultimately allowing them to focus on the project. Service buyers will be charged as low as $1 and 2% for crypto.

Lanceria also offers a relatively faster payment process for all options, with crypto processed instantly and fiat taking up to a week. The platform also uses smart contracts for funds transfer either upon project completion or upon hitting key milestones.

The company leverages advanced machine learning techniques to enhance the user experience for sellers and buyers. The AI-enabled recommendations system easily matches buyers – individuals and businesses with the most suitable freelancers for the project based on skillset and track record, with tools for easy calculation of their taxes based on location.

As part of the goal of creating an all-inclusive community, Lanceria will also be launching a mentorship program designed to allow established independent contractors to benefit from delegating gigs to beginners.

Other features of Lanceria include embeddable profiles for freelancers and employers, API and a React plugin for Web developers, and a helpful organizer to help freelancers keep track of their gigs and deadlines.

For more information about the revolutionary freelancing ecosystem, visit – Lanceria can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

About Lanceria

Lanceria was founded in 2021 as an AI-enabled low-commission freelancing marketplace that supports cryptocurrency payments. The platform, which is currently under development, aims to remove fees from contractors and keep commission minimal on the employer side, while also working to build machine learning-based tools for matching every freelancer with the ideal gig. The platform was built by former freelancers with ample blockchain and AI experience, with the goal of transforming the freelancing ecosystem with trust and transparency.

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