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Laika: A Memecoin That Is Literally Going to the Moon

Laika: A Memecoin That Is Literally Going to the Moon

The common fate of memecoins is that they remain confined to the Web3 realm. Utility of the token, strong tokenomics, and community rewards – all of these are important, but not sufficient for a project to go down in history. What makes a difference is a story that inspires broad audiences inside and outside crypto – and specific incredible steps that reaffirm the team’s intentions.

Laika looks like a project that won’t be remembered as a mere legacy of a new meme-driven bull run. The Solana-based token has already sent a toy dog into space – and is preparing to send Laika to the Moon.

The Laika Mission

On November 3, 1957, the second artificial satellite of the Earth was launched. On board was a dog named Laika, who became the first living being to be sent into Earth’s orbit. 67 years have passed since then, but the brave dog’s feat continues to inspire creative minds. 

Laika, a community-driven Solana memecoin, is slated to replicate this mission – and take it further. In its first phase, the Suborbital Flight, the team sent a toy dog into the Earth’s lower orbit, and every token bought by community members filled a helium balloon to keep it soaring. The launch was streamed live on the project’s YouTube channel. In the next two phases, the team is going to take a dog to the ISS – and eventually to the Moon. 

Thousands Are Engaged

While some roast memecoins, others acknowledge their benefits for the ecosystem – for example, the fact that they bring new audiences to Web3, introduce them to basic concepts like wallets and DEXs, and unite people in the blockchain space. Laika is doing a great job here – besides its cosmic odyssey, the project features a diverse ecosystem with a ‘superverse’ and a mobile game where users can collect in-game resources and earn rewards. Thousands of users participate in Laika’s airdrop campaigns, meme contests, and stories marathons. 


The ecosystem is powered by Laika – a utility token that is now at the final stage of presale. The next step will be listing the token on Tier-1 exchanges and running “the widest distribution ever” due to its unique sale model. Users can store Laika tokens in a dedicated wallet recently launched in the App Store.

Partnerships: Is Something Big Coming? 

It seems Laika is contemplating some significant upcoming move that we may not yet know of – the number of partnerships the team secured in April is staggering. Laika has joined forces with decentralized computing platforms PrismNET and Xally, decentralized storage aggregator ColdStack, video game company Sekuya, and projects that combine the power of AI and blockchain – GPT Plus, DDOChain, MTMT, and TARS Protocol. And the list goes on:

  • XP.NETWORK, a platform driving accessibility and ease-of-use in the NFT space
  • BHE Exchange
  • Bitgert, a crypto engineering organization
  • Puffverse, a project that merges creativity and innovation in the 3D open-world metaverse
  • Platforms that help build connections in Web2 and Web3, including Saving DAO, TheWeb3Nova, Eight Finance, Gather, DeSui, Autentic, TaskOn, MetaHub Finance, and ChainPlay. 

A Small Dog with a Big Dream

Laika is more than another memecoin on Solana. It demonstrates ambition – but in contrast to many, it proves it by rapidly expanding in Web3 and far beyond, including space. When Laika token gets released, we will witness another phase of the project that dares take a dog to the actual Moon. 

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