Lado Okhotnikov Talks About the Utility and Uniqueness of Meta Force

Cryptocurrencies: real business or illusion?

A leading expert in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Meta Force CEO Lado Okhotnikov commented on the article “Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov: Utility and Irreplaceable”.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, where connections with other markets and industries are minimal, Lado Okhotnikov leads the way to resolving an important question: is the cryptocurrency market in a real business or in a world of illusions? When comparing the  Bitcoin market to the oil market, strong correlations are observed.

  1. The basis of the global energy market is the oil market, the cryptocurrency market is Bitcoin, since the dynamics of the cost of energy resources is based on the cost of oil, and all cryptocurrencies are based exclusively on Bitcoin.
  2. The oil market is closely connected with the global commodity economy, the cryptocurrency market with the global financial services market.
  3. The cost of oil and bitcoin on the world market is determined by supply and demand and is estimated in dollars.

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market today is a negligible fraction of $1.2 trillion. For an evolutionary leap, Bitcoin should, like oil, acquire a fundamental value associated with irreplaceability, such as the inability to be removed or stolen, thanks to decentralization and blockchain technology.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies: a disease of the financial system

In his discussion of Bitcoin, Lado Okhotnikov asks the question: why does Bitcoin have value at all? Why is he willing to exchange tens of thousands of dollars? This question becomes especially relevant given that Bitcoin is not backed by real assets, is not inimitable, and is prohibited for transactions in some countries. Lado acknowledges the persistence of Bitcoin despite its unusual characteristics, and points to changes in the modern economic system that contributed to the emergence of cryptocurrencies.

Considering the history of the global financial system, Lado Okhotnikov emphasizes that the emergence of cryptocurrencies indicates its illness. In a healthy economy, cryptocurrencies would be meaningless, but with the change in approaches to the gold standard and the advent of fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies became valuable due to the consent of market participants. The abandonment of the gold standard and the transition to a consensus of subjects defines a new value basis for cryptocurrencies.

Meta Force of Lado Okhotnikov: crypto business evolution

It is in this context that Lado Okhotnikov presents the Meta Force project, which raises questions and criticism. Meta Force breaks the mold of traditional cryptocurrency projects, representing a bridge between the real and cryptocurrency worlds. Meta Force creates a Metaverse where users can make the most of blockchain and cryptocurrency functionality. This project is intended to be not just another cryptocurrency, but something unique and integral to real life.

Meta Force users get access to a universal platform with a variety of business formats. The platform integrates the best business techniques such as network marketing, direct sales, gamification and project management. The Meta Force philosophy, embodied in smart contracts, ensures automated interaction between users and the platform, eliminating the risk of human error or abuse.

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